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By Michael J. Smith on Saturday November 22, 2008 10:37 PM

It's summertime, summertime
Sum, sum, summertime... 

Well, no more studying history
And no more reading geography
And no more dull geometry
Because it's summertime

It's time to head straight for them hills.... 
... Or Hills, as the case may be. But this post is about a different old porker from the Clinton sty:

Larry Summers may have missed out on Treasury -- thanks, it seems, to his foot-in-mouth dis of the math skills of upper-middle-class women -- but will nevertheless dwell deep in the bosom of Obaham, as director of the National Economic Council: Obama's "closest economic adviser," as the Wall Street Journal notes with ill-disguised and well-justified delight.

The Journal goes on to add:

Mr. Obama has instructed his economic advisers to draft a stimulus that could ... push back planned tax increases on families earning over $250,000 from a planned 2010 start date to 2011....
... Or, perhaps, indefinitely. These crises, you never know when they're really over.

Essay question, in two parts: (i) In the image above, which party is finding the encounter more painful? Discuss, in particular, the closed and/or narrowed eyes of the figures depicted. (ii) Will they nevertheless manage to suck it up and work together successfully for the benefit of very wealthy people? Justify your answer. (Especially if it's "no".)

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(i) Neither. It's merely a bad photo of Spam-Bama, while Larr-ie Antoinette is smiling wide because he's genuinely happy to have risen anew from his latest public disclosure of true overclass attitudes. (ii) What suggests these two would dislike one another? The onus here seems to be on the teacher. What's the theory of animosity? If Zero-Bama's wincing in dislike of Mr. "Let Them Eat Garbage," is it some repressed guilty knowledge seeping out, from back in his Reverend-exploiting, community social-climbing days? I can think of nothing else...

You can also see Robert Reich poking his head into the shot obviously looking for a bone and a nice pat on the head.


Good point above:

What suggests these two would dislike one another? The onus here seems to be on the teacher. What's the theory of animosity?
Dr Dawson, like a good analyst, has winkled out an unstated and probably heretofore unconscious assumption on my part.

I kinda think Barack is a rather remarkable human being. Oh, I expect absolutely nothing of him -- don't get me wrong -- but the human material going to waste in this case seems to be of a finer mould than, oh, say, Bill or Hill Clinton's. (Admittedly this does not raise the bar very high.)

So I sorta read his closed eyes as an unwitting telegraph of an internal response -- "The things I have to do! The people I have to meet!"

Sheer projection, of course. Or failure of imagination. How could anybody possibly be in the presence of Larry Summers and not want to spew?


"I kinda think Barack is a rather remarkable human being"

so do i

Son of Uncle Sam:

Well, Larry has the limp grip going like he'd rather pull something out of his pants for O'bama to hold and is showing him in a gesture that in the next picture frame unravels to be a ring finger frantically looking for a hole on his palm.
On the 2nd part, sure why not, who dosn't want to help wealthy people? Every day I go into work I think about my profitability as a representative of my boss, who could relate to us commoners strife of high fuel prices when he had to top off his three boats down the cape last summer. As I listened I attempted to take a second and kiss a little ass but as soon as I slowed progress he immediatly gruffed, "Get back to work!!!" in a twitch like delivery, then continued on about how much his grand kids loved the water as he pointed out some trash for me to empty. A truely great man, they better look out for em'


Folks, this photo was the scoop of a lifetime! That's obviously Hugo Chavez there (round face, big in the shoulders, black hair), and there were very kind words exchanged before this top-secret greeting at a Boca Raton Holiday Inn: "Chavez, my man, we gotta keep this quiet. We are really going to bring socialism to world domination, amigo!"

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