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Trickle, trickle, dime and nickel

By Owen Paine on Wednesday November 12, 2008 09:55 PM

The mage of Kentuck strikes at the hated tower suite queens demanding balance-sheet and cash-flow injections: "Uncle, honey, come fill my pipes" -- leaky pipes as they may be.

Father S has a money fetish, I fear. He thinks dollars must come from somebody's pocket. But Uncle Sam-I-Am has an unlimited supply of digital dollars, a bottomless pocket like Baucis and Philemon's wine-jug--

--and the leaks at least might drip down into the real economy, eh?

Here's today's you-figure: If GM's too big to fail -- is the UAW too big to fail? The plan most foul prolly includes a bail for the various legacy funds.

Okay, so these pot-bellied Joe the Line Worker types won't see the high side of $25 an hour ever again -- but at least Uncle could provide health and pension plans.

Then again, we could let the Big Three slide away, and scrap the whole damn Reuther hophop down the bennie-trail.

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