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What does Joe want, anyway?

By Owen Paine on Monday November 3, 2008 10:05 PM

So is this guy gonna cost the Dembos the White House?

Doesn't seem likely at this point, though he had 'em worried for a few minutes there. He is the Achilles heel -- 'cause Barack and company ain't earned his vote.

First off: all you higher-edified secular pharisees -- it's too easy to call it race. There's more to Joe and Co's credo than just "white guys -- real white guys -- don't vote black." There's also:

  • We don't ask for handouts.
  • We don't candy-ass to college types, and report cards and guilt trips.
  • No matter what grandpa did during the New Deal, we don't vote for nanny party rainbow symbols.
  • We don't vote for "I feel your pain" rubber-faced condesecenders.
  • We don't vote for safety nets. We think safety is sissy.
  • We don't, don't... Well, we just don't.
He's the American underground man, stepping out of a crowd, popping up out of his knothole for the regulation 15 minutes, and us pale-souled merit elite can only grind our teeth. 'Cause face up to it -- we don't get, that is, really get, where the white joes are comin' from -- and neither does Barack.

Here's the pivot point: the Joes know it's shit when these Dembos say where the Joes might be goin' to -- "if ya just vote for me!"

The Joes don't believe it, and why should they? It's been 60 years since there was any real meat ridin' on them tossed jaw bones.

It's a nasty world out there. So you dump the fat bag of a wife and you shave your head. You work out. Keep your crib spare, and work off the books. You turn yourself from Mr Paunch Baldy to -- what? Somethin' hahhhhd, somethin' ripped and stripped, somethin' ready for the great American midnight

Licenses are for hall monitors, taxable income for pocket-protected paper-swimmers, marriage for pussy suckers... bada bing bada bang bada boom.

Okay, you say: if so -- if it's rebel yell reaction, the rage of Satan's angels on day four -- then why that civic lesson Wurtzy gave, once the press got him completely cornered, and why the humble-mubble act?

Class camo plus shame, I suspect. Put a microphone in somebody's, anybody's face, and they're more than likely to say what they think is the expected thing. But try catching him after hours, after a good round of imbibes, and then ask him about the men's room, here in the real America.

Good folks of the Near Left: these kulaks are the prime result of 60 years of jackass farts in the face. Sure, race matters, just like it did in 1936. But in 1936 FDR had earned Joe's vote, and Barack -- better yet, Barack's party -- haven't.

Hell, even the national Gibraltar of our New Deal legacy, the Social Security system, becomes a sham if enough gas gets blown up your nostrils, and enough payday taxes extracted.

"Sorry ... Sorry... We gotta do this. Sorry, but hey, this is gonna hurt me more then it's gonna hurt you... Joe."

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talk about seeing a white bear ....

Michael Hureaux:

The levels of farce amaze. Back in double zero, the year the triple zero was placed in the presidency, the media resounded with comments about how the Bush candidacy "projected an air of destiny". Or a jackass fart in the face, if you will. Now we hear that if Jackie Mac is elected, Jiffy plumber or Roto Rooter or Joey or whoever is going to join the McCain team in D.C. Secretary of Education, no doubt.

Son of Uncle Sam:

Licenses are for hall monitors, liberal women, and guys w/o DUI's! I know 'Joey I'm not angry anymore's' soul mate!


He doesn't have a plumbing license, he admitted he doesn't currently make 250k, wants the borders closed, thinks it was right to "take the fight to them" in Iraq WMDs be damned, hates that Social Security is "forced" on him and would rather be free to invest his money on the stock market (!!!) as he sees fit.

This guy is a living, breathing anachronism - he's very out of sync with where the rest of the country is at at the moment, politically and economically. He's part of the demographically shrinking, demoralized Republican "base" that McCain is fighting so hard to hold on to, even if it cost him the votes of independents and moderates.


"We don't vote for safety nets. We think safety is sissy"

sorrythat's the result of a bad typo gapo

should read

we don't vote for safety nets
safety nets are for cross dressers

here's how to earn the joe blow vote

cut the "real work" tax
if barky pushes for a serious
and immediate pay roll tax rebate
in the hundreds of billions range
i'll ...well i'll ...umhhh ...renounce smbiva


"This guy is a living, breathing anachronism "

status quo politics
at least savy status quo politics
the kind barky plays
is all about
building oxygen tents
to keep anachronisms
from turning into undead amoks

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