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A moment of wild surmise

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday December 2, 2008 11:12 PM

The fun thing now is wondering about the personal chemistry between ha-Moshiach and Hillary.

To borrow a phrase from Obie: As I have said consistently... the only good thing about the New York Times is its photo editors, who just never get it wrong. The front page of this morning's print edition carried a photo -- unfortunately not available online, and even better than the one above, good as that is -- of the Great One and his new SecState.

In the printed photo, they're standing closer together than I've ever seen a president and a cabinet officer stand. Their hands are tightly clasped together, positioned right over Obie's hipbone. They're staring deep into each other's eyes. Hillary's back is arched and her nice abundant poitrine appears to be pressed rather emphatically against the one fastened button on Obie's beautifully-tailored jacket. He seems suddenly unmindful of the media around. Her chin is tilted up, her lips... but no, I can't go on.

*Wipes sweat from brow*

I hope it happens. Lord knows Hillary is entitled, after how many years of arid marriage to the self-infatuated, heedless, ungrateful Bill. And it makes a nice mirror image of the long-suspected Georgie-Condi connection. (I must say I envy Obie more than Georgie, if the parallel holds.)

Even the Times' print reporter saw something, and the editor let it pass, with characteristic Times hedgery softening the outlines of the story:

Mr. Obama gave [Hillary] an opportunity to make a statement from the lectern, something he did not do with any of his economic appointees last week, and she promised to give “my all” to him ....

The body language was friendly and appropriate, if not necessarily personal. Standing behind Mr. Obama during his remarks, Mrs. Clinton nodded as he spoke of the nation’s challenges; after the event ended, the two walked out of the room arm in arm, her hand gently patting his back.

Get a room, you two!

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And maybe Zero will smoke the cigar...?

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