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Happy Progressive New Year

By Al Schumann on Wednesday December 31, 2008 11:54 AM

That is the mausoleum of the appointee-in-limbo to Obama's Senate seat. Thank you, IOZ.

Our progressive friends have managed to navigate all the shoals of dissonance so thoughtfully provided by President-to-be Obama and the Democratic Party. They'll get through this too. But in the spirit of generosity, I'd like to suggest that Roland Burris's mausoleum is not testimony to the creepy vanity of a massively self-important individual. Rather, it's the symbol of an epic struggle. A transformative struggle. If there were no mausoleum, then there would not have been a struggle. And the world would be a different place. It's possible that it wouldn't even exist. Then where would we all be? We wouldn't exist! Therefore it's better to accept any apparent imperfections and not hold out for purity.

If that doesn't work, click heels three times, repeat the magic formula, "Democrat in name only, Democrat in name only", and remember: disassociation in time saves dissociative meltdown.

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" disassociation in time
dissociative meltdown "

first words of frosty
to parson brown

Al Schumann:

Comrade Frosty was a harbinger of what awaits us all: no lucrative lobbying job, no mausoleum. Nothing but a carrot, two lumps of coal and a worn out broom.

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