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Now, we torture

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday December 13, 2008 12:47 PM

Experience, it seems, also counts a lot in discharging the important civic functions of torture, kidnapping, and privy murder:

House Democrat urges Obama to keep Bush's intelligence chiefs

The House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat said Tuesday he has recommended that ... Obama keep the country's current national intelligence director and CIA chief in place for some time to ensure continuity in U.S. intelligence programs....

Intelligence Chairman Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, said he also recommended... that some parts of the CIA's controversial alternative interrogation program should be allowed to continue....

Lawmakers have battled the last two years over whether the CIA should be required to follow the Army Field Manual when conducting interrogations. The Senate Intelligence Committee, for example, approved a fiscal 2009 intelligence authorization bill with language prohibiting U.S. intelligence agencies from using any interrogation method not approved by the Field Manual.

But Reyes opposed adding such language in his panel's version of the authorization bill, which the House approved over the summer.

Recall that this is the same Reyes handpicked by Nancy Pelosi (over equally crazed Jane Harman) to head his committee after the last-but-one Most Important Election in History, the '06 midterms.

I wonder when the Obama Kids will figure out that they voted not just for Mr Clean, but for Silvestre Reyes?

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Maybe presidential candidates should be required to say what they WILL NOT do, once in office. Thus Obama would have had to say "I will NOT change existing practices of interrogation; I will NOT change any domestic surveillance laws: I will NOT appoint any progressive candidates to important cabinet posts; I will NOT change the Dept of Defense budget; I will NOT change in any way America's traditional foreign policy goals.

Of course, we knew all that, but it would've been nice to hear it said publically.


Do pwoggies really care about torture? Would it mean anything if they did? And what about Scarecrow's Brian???

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