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The wheels on the bus...

By Michael J. Smith on Friday December 19, 2008 08:48 PM

Our old pal Mike Flugennock sends along his visual comment on Obama and his self-immolating fan club of Pwogs:

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Whoa, Smiff; you're reading my mind.

I got the idea for this after reading umpteen zillion articles about Obama post-nomination re: throwing constituencies "under the bus". Actually, I was, in fact, originally trying to write some verses for a parody of that old kiddie song The Wheels On The Bus (Go 'Round and 'Round) and, in the course of failing that, stumbled over a memory or two of campaign rhetoric about somebody's party having a "Big Tent"...


Effin brilliant!


I'm really sick of the fulminating, impotent outrage from Golden Man's faithful. Hey, you idjits signed up for this shit festival knowing full well that there were alternatives. But you were too lazy, too fearful and too obsessed with getting into a bogus winner's circle for a shot at ZOMFG !!-- touching the hem of Mr. Hopeful's holy garment. I'm not interested in your whining nor your faux outrage, nor your worthless vows to "keep up the pressure." You rolled over for this shit before and you'll do it again. You work every day at maintaining the people and structures who make your outrage so very, very faux indeed.

Just choke on whatever shit Golden Man chooses to serve you, since that's what you wanted. Warren. Hillary. Kennedey. Every damn bit. Choke with a smile. Happy holidays.

Actually, Ms. X and gang, if you want to hear some of that "pressure" blather straight from the proverbial horse's proverbial mouth, check out this piece I posted at DC IMC last week:


...where I caught up with Medea "Media" Benjamin at Code Weak's "action" at the White House in solidarity with the now-legendary shoe-throwing Iraqi reporter Muntader Al-Zaidi. Pressure, my ass.

I think Ms. X has it figured out: This has become a make-work arrangement. Zero chooses a hate-monger to invoke Mr. Big Beard, and the faithful then pat themselves on the back for expending precious energies trying to arrange a "debate," as if there's something at issue other than the pwogs' own infinite gullibility and fakeness.

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