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What, me worry?

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday December 28, 2008 03:19 PM

From TPM Cafe:

Obama Refuses To Endorse Gaza Attacks PLUS Young Jewish Bloggers (Klein, Yglesias and Ackerman) Do Us Proud

By M.J. Rosenberg - December 28, 2008, 10:42AM

On Meet The Press this morning, David Axelrod was asked about Gaza by David Gregory....

Axelrod said, predictably, that we have one President at a time. He also said that Obama understood the "urge" to respond militarily.

"The urge." That's it. None of that "of course Israel has the right to defend itself" stuff which was Bush's response to everything....

When Obama feels strongly about anything, the "one President at a time" mantra is abandoned. When he wants to avoid being boxed in, he invokes it. Under pressure to follow Nancy Pelosi's example and just endorse the attack, Axelrod punted. Big time. I hope the Israelis understand what this means.

I wish Axelrod said more but, in this case, silence was golden. Axelrod sent a signal. After Jan. 20th, America will be an "honest broker." That is what both sides need.


The oldsters are cheering on the Gaza attacks but the Jewish "best and brightest" think ethically and not ethnically....

"I hope the Israelis understand what this means." I dare say they do, MJ. Your capacity to find good news in the Obama herbal-tea leaves, no matter how they fall, is an inspiration to all of us.

The "best and brightest" to whom Rosenberg refers all take pretty much the same line: the Israelis are being silly and short-sighted, if not downright "idiotic". The Gaza attacks are not in their interest. If only Matt Yglesias vel sim. were in the Israeli cabinet, the Light Of The Nations would be pursuing a much more intelligent and nicer strategy.

Considering that stunts like this are the way that Zionism took state power in the first place, and has sustained itself there for my lifetime, and has successfully beaten off during that time every remote chance of peace breaking out -- considering all these things, the "idiots" in Jerusalem might have some justification for thinking that they understand their bloody brutal business better than a troika of underage beautiful-soul yesbutnik bloggers like Klein, Yglesias, and Ackerman.

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"the Jewish 'best and brightest' think ethically and not ethnically"


Michael Hureaux:

Meanwhile, if anyone or any group of people are raising hell about this atrocity in the great progressive mecca of Seattle, no one has said anything to me. The silence is deafening.


I thought Rachel Maddow's segment on the conflict today pretty much set the pace for informed liberal comment on this topic. What I loved the best was choosing a foreign correspondent from the uber-corporate CBS to comment on the situation. I almost threw my controller through my tv.


To split hairs, the talking head I saw on the YouTube clip of her show was from NBC (she's on MSNBC, after all). I similarly wanted to thrust my fist through the monitor, especially during the condensed mythology of post-WWII Middle East history segment. Maddow could probably land a pretty sweet gig on Fox News if she went back into the closet.

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