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Clinton Antagonizes Stooge Government

By Al Schumann on Saturday January 17, 2009 03:09 PM

KABUL, Afghanistan — U.S. Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton's use of the term "narco state" to describe Afghanistan in a recent Senate testimony has caught the attention of her Afghan counterpart.

Foreign Ministry Rangin Dadfar Spanta said Saturday that it is "absolutely wrong" to classify Afghanistan as such, though the minister readily admitted that Afghanistan is a major producer of drugs.


I can appreciate the stooge minister's concerns. President-in-all-but-Oval Office-occupancy, Barack Obama, had promised to send more soldiers to Afghanistan as part of what looks increasingly like a CYA mission. The next station on the Change We Can Believe In express is minatory hand wringing and dark complaints that the stooge government is incapable of making effective use of the assistance because, you know, they're so corrupt and incompetent. After that, regime change, with hopes that better stooges can manage to stand up so we can stand down.

I think they're missing a trick. What they need is a Carl Levin-style demand that the stooge government give them some of the opium money to help fund the occupation.

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This is old but remains valid, esp. given the unchanging realities of Afghanistan and colonial rule.

Al Schumann:

Thanks, sk, for posting that link. I hadn't read it before.

LA Confidential Pantload:

Don't make me get all Rangin Dadfar Spanta on your ass.


"a few islands of grotesque capitalist imaginary reality.."

nice phrase

one thinks of lon nol's phnom penh
circa 73-75


one thinks of lon nol's phnom penh
circa 73-75

Here's an excerpt from the biography of another statesman of the day:

Ngô Đình Cẩn, his younger brother, was put in charge of the former Imperial City of Huế....Diem's rule was also pervaded by family corruption. Cẩn was widely believed to be involved in illegal smuggling of rice to North Vietnam on the black market and opium throughout Asia via Laos, as well as monopolizing the cinnamon trade, amassing a fortune stored in foreign banks.

Guess what? Not too long ago US military internal documents somehow surfaced that described Hamid Karzai's younger brother in these terms: a guy who "receives money from drug lords as bribe to facilitate their work and movement."

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