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Missing in action

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday January 4, 2009 03:44 PM

The Gaza massacre is now in its ninth day. The boots are on the ground.

And the man shown above, usually so articulate and eloquent, remains mute.

Cat got your tongue, Obie?

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Nicholas Hart:

Rule number one for US Zionists (and imperialists): the best way to handle Israeli (or US) atrocities is to ignore them.

Rule number two, US always veto whose oppose to them (israel) in UN!

And who is the terrorist now? Anybody have heart?

Michael Hureaux:

Even assuming Mr. Obama's argument that U.S. policy is shaped by one executive holds any weight, his silence is yet more concrete evidence that the Obama years won't be anything but a war on the rest of the world and destruction of the public sector as anything but an adjunct of business here at home.


What good would words do, at this point? Unless Obama has been secretly talking with Jimmy Carter, or reading Counterpunch, what could he possibly be thinking of doing once the violence had stopped? Not a single person in the elite establishment, as far as I know, has given any thought to a real solution to the Palestinian issue, beyond the purely symbolic and sham "two state solution."

Peter Ward:


It is not a question of not "giving thought", the establishment are giving thought--this is precisely what they want. They had a chance to agree to a genuine settlement at Taba and they rejected it--this is explicit conscious action on the part of our rulers. As to Carter being a champion of Peace, I believe he is deeply cynical--he sees public opinion shifting against Israel's policy and has calculated to exploit it (much as political figures did vis-a-via South Africa when the situation there finally became too much of an embarrassment). He had a chance, as president, to reverse American imperial policy and instead he choose to continue it (as Obama will).

Incidentally, it probably is significant that Obama isn't saying much. Perhaps he realizes too vocal support for Israel's latest massacre may come to haunt him in the future. But, then again, his whole campaign was premised on saying as little as possible about anything.


What more does he need to say?

“Israel should get whatever it wants and an undivided Jerusalem should be its capital,”
-President-elect & Secret Pwoggie Savior Barack Obama

I think that sums it up pretty well.


Does anyone else feel as helpless, hopeless and ineffective as I do right now? I also can't help but feel that far more radical action than formulaic protesting is needed...*sigh* I'll be damned if our congress members will be sleeping peacefully tonight while people in gaza shiver in the dark, hiding under overturned bathtubs. I know this is nothing new (iraq, afghanistan, lebanon, the past 50 years of u.s. foreign policy), but i'm already at my wits end!


Does anyone else feel as helpless ...

Yes. Been feeling that way for quite a while. The werewolves are out.

Son of Uncle Sam:

Whats to say?
According to Cheyney they're playing his "response to terrorism" card. A coveted second to his "Unbilled Collectibles." What's the problem?


"unbilled collectibles "

if they were good enough for crazy eddie ...

vide: "the joy of book cooking "
edward leverit anton

What do you mean, Obama's been silent on Gaza?

If anyone here's been even halfway paying attention during the "election" campaign, President-Elect House Negro pretty much said everything he needed to say on Gaza in that big, fat, wet sloppy blowjob of a speech he gave at the AIPAC Convention this year.

Cripes, man; I always joke about people in this country having a long-term memory that doesn't go any farther back than the last season of "Dancing With The Stars", but these doorknobs bitching about why O'Bomba doesn't say anything about Gaza -- even after the AIPAC speech he gave just this past summer -- just kills my ass dead.

Jesus H. on a Segway.

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