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This land is their land

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday January 20, 2009 10:10 AM

I incautiously followed a link, just now, sent to me in an email, and nearly lost my breakfast. I warn you, this is not for the faint of heart:

(If you don't see the thing embedded above, and you're really a glutton for punishment, here's the URL):


On a slightly different note, the Washpost offers an opportunity for cognitive dissonance -- that is, if anybody were bothering to do any cognition:

Obama takes the oath of office under the tightest security for an official event in the city's history, with a large swath of downtown Washington closed to vehicular traffic. About 28,000 law enforcement and military personnel have been deployed in and around Washington....

The security force is more than 50 percent larger than the contingent assembled four years ago for Bush's second inauguration.

So let me get this straight: Mr Change and Hope has assembled a Praetorian guard for his Roman triumph bigger, by half and then some, than the one the evil fascist chimp, our own homegrown Elagabalus, laid on four years ago.

Is this is the kind of "progress" that "progressives" had in mind?

Oh, I know what you're going to say: Smith, save your breath. No height of absurdity will remain unscaled today, no abyss of bathos unplumbed, and as old Reagan memorably observed, facts are stupid things.

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kali yuga:

Baby Bush's paranoia, reflected in the amount of thuggery that he surrounded himself with, always struck me as way over the top, grotesque and obscene, really more an attempt at intimidation than anything else. The common folk must be reminded of their place in all this, you know.

I guess it's all perfectly acceptable now, though.

After all, IOIODI -- It's Okay If Obama Does It . . .

Nicholas Hart:

Well, there was a lot of hate and vitriol stirred up against our new black nationalist socialist hippie peacenik-in-chief. Why would the US ruling class risk losing the massive investment they've made in Obie? The security is as much for them as the prez. Sit back and relax, this day will be over soon. (Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love O-bomb-ya...)

kali yuga:

"Why would the US ruling class risk losing the massive investment they've made in Obie?"

Very true. Many acquaintances of mine have expressed their fear over the last few months that Obama wouldn't survive to become president. I explained to them, as you point out, that corporate Amerika had invested a lot manufacturing this candidate and placing him in a position to do their their bidding. Obama will be fine so long as he doesn't evolve into a threat to the corporatist state. I see nothing in The Chosen One to suggest that would ever happen.

Al Schumann:

I was hoping Pete would remember the last verse, but he left it out. What a shame.

In the squares of the city, In the shadow of a steeple
By the relief office, I'd seen my people
As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking,
Is this land made for you and me?

Leaving it out changes the whole meaning. I never liked the song, even with the last verse in place. There's too much cotton candy in it for my taste. But the last verse does salvage it a little.

Poverty, as they say, is a crime. Perhaps more accurately, it is the result of crime. Theft, through slavery and genocide, is a crime against humanity. But only when prosecuted. The lingering effects of crimes against humanity, like poverty, can be seen on Indian reservations, in prisons and inner city slums. The impoverished are criminalized for being poor; it is their never-ending crime.


Pete lives !!

or is that re-pete ???

'there is no past ...there is no future '

----my kos-tag ----

Oh, the drama ! I posted some insufficiently impressed commentary about our new ruler elsewhere and was berated by a couple of the faithful. Unfortunately, the host didn't like our multiple (albeit not collective) upset and took the thread down.

However, if anyone wants to hear the highlights, all I can give you is the assurance from one prog that I'm belittling a "spiritual" moment in our history (twerp no. 1) and I "cannot" do this, or else, and why don't I move to a banana republic run by McCain if I'm so in love with him and blah blah blah (twerp no. 2). Shades of the red-baiters of yore that our our Mr. Schumann remembers so fondly. ("Why don't you move to Cuba..." prog-style.)

"Cannot," s/he says. Or else what ? The progs'll hold their breath until they really DO turn blue ? [snerk] Yeah, they take the same tack with me as they plan to do with their supreme overlord. "You CANNOT !! We forbid it !" Yeah, that's gonna' work great for you, proggies. Just like it always has before.

Anyone for vodka ?


I read it was Bush who invoked some security condition that allowed him to bring in extra Homeland Security troops at a cost of $15 mil.

Or maybe all the troops were merely props to underscore how human and unafraid the new pres was when he got out of his limousine during the parade.

Actually, I thought the speech was terrific, emphasizing friendship to Muslims, a humbler foreign policy, transparency in govt, regulation of markets, not sacrificing liberty for security (cleaning up violations of the Constitution.) And he gave it at a good clip, with authority.

Moon of Alabama has a comment today (in a post titled "Annointment") laying out six issue areas to watch to see if BO is actually going to do anything about them.

Peter Ward:

Apparently "friendship to Muslims" takes the concrete form of bombing the shit out of the them in Gaza and elsewhere.


Today seems like such a triumph for imperialism that I think I might reach for the London dry gin, but I'll be sure to toast your health, Ms. X.

kali yuga:

Well, ms_xeno, you know this already, but I'll say it anyway: you are not alone.

As someone who has been banned from a message board as a "racist" simply for questioning The Chosen One's stance on things like the FISA bill, the Patriot Act, "war" spending, and trillion dollar Wall Street handouts, I have to say that I have narrowed down my sphere of daily blog reading to this site, IOZ, Arthur Silber, and a couple of others. I am proud to say I have never, ever voted for any Republican ever for any office. My Constitutional rights are non-negotiable, and I won't be lectured to by ex-Republicans like Kos or Queen John at Americablog, or brain-dead Obamabot clones who have latched onto the latest fashion trend. They can all go fucking rot as far as I'm concerned.

Red-baiters of yore are not so distant; they began reemerging in mid 2006, and were eloquently discussed on the blog UFO Breakfast. One thing that came out of the no longer archived discussions there was analysis of the convergence of a progressive fascist alliance. I salvaged some of those discussions on my blog, but I'm not sure what else I might have missed.

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