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What? Labor? Sold Out? AGAIN?!

By Owen Paine on Monday January 5, 2009 02:01 PM

Belate-o-gram from the institutionalized class struggle:

Seems alas our top union mugs' beloved card check instant-organizing formula is heading for a fall, right off the senate docket, despite the piecards' massive dough and get-out-the-vote action this fall.

As GOP sandstorm Kim Stifle, er Straffel, shown left, puts it:

"It hasn't been much noticed, but the political ground is already shifting under Big Labor's card-check initiative. The unions poured unprecedented money and manpower into getting Democrats elected; their payoff was supposed to be a bill that would allow them to intimidate more workers into joining unions...."

For example, behold this Democratic water buffalo from the Duchy of Walmart, Senator Mark Pryor, shown left, who's got a fairly standard aisle double cross in the making. Again, Mizz Strassel sums it up for us:

"In 2007, Mr. Pryor voted to move card check, Big Labor's No. 1 priority. And why not? Mr. Pryor knew the GOP would block the bill, which gets rid of secret ballots in union elections. Besides, his support helped guarantee labor wouldn't field a challenger to him in the primary. Postelection, Mr. Pryor isn't so committed. He's indicated he wouldn't co-sponsor the legislation again. He says he'd like to find common ground between labor and business. He is telling people the bill isn't on a Senate fast-track, anyway."
One recalls the old line -- "honest pols stay bought" -- with a slow shake of the head.

Ahh, 'tis a low age of official progress we traverse. But still! Change awaits her cue in the wings.

Methinks 'twill take tons of Father Smiff's induced traffic jams on the corporate highways to bring her forth, though.

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Shocked, yes SHOCKED I am to find the dems shafting their union base! Harrumph!



nice read on andy stern
the el duce of service unioism
and his gang
makes for a nice mud bath

"...At a time when unions are urging Congress to pass an Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), to aid union organizing and bargaining.."

"..there will be much damaging publicity for all of labor. ... most SEIU members in California no longer have the right to choose what local they’re in or who represents them."

great eh ???
and add this...

" .. anti-EFCA groups have run full-page ads in major newspapers playing up SEIU’s role in foisting Gov. Rod Blagojevich on the now unappreciative citizens of Illinois."

sum up
" When and if Stern pulls the trigger... UnionFacts.com and similar management front groups will have a propaganda field day displaying the corpse of workers’ rights within SEIU."

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