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A stopper of traffic

By Owen Paine on Saturday February 21, 2009 07:07 AM

We ought to pay homage to this man, Milo Reno. He was the embodiment of just what we the weebles need about now -- a fiery confronter and tireless leader of direct action.

In fact, the direct actions of his farmers' union and farmers' holiday association probably contributed more to the swiftness and depth of New Deal "mortgage remediation" than any other single social force of the time -- except maybe the CP's National Federation of Unemployed Councils.

A book about the man:


(or: http://tinyurl.com/miloreno )

In particular, discover this nice episode:

"On Oct. 26, 1932, Reno's association declared a moratorium on tax and mortgage payments.... this developed into a strike against farm mortgage foreclosures"
Capsule bio here:


(or: http://tinyurl.com/milorenobio)

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reno's message in a bottle

"don't walk away...
stand and fight"

there's the lumpen way
and the pleb way

i suspect the pleb here
is to get organized and scrap

" we ain't leavin'
and we ain't allowin'
u wall street shylocks
to suck our blood any longer "

stop the payments ...escrow the money
just for show

"see we all got the dough
but it ain't goin' to the man "


a universal 100%
george tax is a peoples right

our interest payments
oughta be ground rent payments
not private usury..
we oughta pay service
on it to ourselves as a society
thru our gubmint
we don't own
the location value of these house lots
society creates that value
and society thru its agent
oughta levy the charge for its use
and collect the payments"


This seems like the place to mention Web of Debt, a book by Ellen H Brown on the Federal Reserve Bank as a means of keeping the banking system in private (at the time, British) hands, and killing any move toward a national currency and profit-free banking/lending system.

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