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A transatlantic view... of hagiography

By Michael J. Smith on Friday February 13, 2009 11:18 PM

The creator of this clip was kind enough to drop us a friendly note recently, along with the link:

Here's the URL, in case the embedding doesn't work:


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pretty good. too bad the sound quality is so poor...or is it just his diction? either way, bravo!


For some reason, poor audio quality and the British go hand in hand.

Hey, c'mon, gang. I could hear him fine. I could understand him OK for the most part, but as far as "diction" goes, well, diction-schmiction. It's not diction; he's just British. He's dry, he's stone-faced, he's...you know, British. British with a consumer-grade camcorder.

I could hear and understand well enough to get a good charge out of it, though, especially that line about hagiography.



Ahhh now i see what it was in response to:

well done indeed...

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