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Madoff for President!

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday February 5, 2009 06:16 PM

From the New York Times:

Boldface Names From the Madoff Customer List

For weeks, the list of prominent people known to be caught up in Bernard L. Madoff’s investing scandal has been growing. And the roster got a flurry of new additions late Wednesday, when the names of thousands of customers of Mr. Madoff’s now-infamous firm... were made public in bankruptcy-court filings....

From baseball: Sandy Koufax, the Hall of Fame pitcher and Dodgers legend (also an old friend of Fred Wilpon, the Mets owner who was also burned by the Madoff scheme) and Tim Teufel, a former Mets second baseman.

From entertainment and the media: John Malkovich, the actor; the estate of John Denver, the late singer; and Larry King, the talk-show host.

From politics: Frank Lautenberg, the Democratic senator from New Jersey, and Mark Green, the former public advocate of New York City.

From the business world: Larry Silverstein, the New York real estate developer.

John Malkovich! Mark Green! Frank Lautenberg! Larry King! Oh I'm absolutely dying of happiness here. (I have nothing against Sandy Koufax, but I invite Owen to weigh in on the subject.)

Did I mention John Malkovitch? O bliss!

Bernie is my favorite guy these days. At least he took money from some of the most despicable human beings on the planet. Unlike Obama, who is busy giving money to the most despicable human beings on the planet.

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Nicholas Hart:

Schadenfreude accomplished.


sandy k
was a great one

his money ..not so great

fuck him if he can't take a joke


Good to see Proyect updating his "world class bastard" series.


I thought Malkovich was an anti-Semite? Ah well, some of my best friends. . .

as for Sandy. . . say it ain't so!

Is there not a rung in purgatory for good people who get mixed up with scum, or scum who are also world-class pop singers?


Mea culpa! Completely wrong about Malkovich. Assumed because he was a reactionary rich weirdo, with a Serbo/Polish name, he might also be anti-semitic. completely wrong.

According to Proyect, he recently said he'd like to kill Robert Fisk and George Galloway (presumably for their anti-zionist writing/speaking)


"You and Proyect must have a mental link, MJS"

take it from me
they both give great swan

The only difference between Madoff and Citibank is that Citibank got rewarded for their scams.

It's very convenient to have a "villain", because the rest are pure and innocent.

Madoff pissed away rich people's money, the corporations pissed on working people.

Good old Bernie leveled the playing field just a little.



Sometimes, Owen, you puzzle me....


father...a mere school boy's
joke and pretend

after all you are head master around here

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