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Self-tied hands

By Owen Paine on Friday February 13, 2009 11:55 AM

After watching the courtship of those three ultra-odious senatorial aisle-crossin' repugs -- if I were a Hoper, I'd scream "just do it -- end the 60 vote rule!" (As our dear father S pointed out here miles and miles back.)

Now you got the helm, Dems, so do not quibble! Have no scruple! Go directly to the nuclear option and do it immediately! Just push down the plunger, boys and girls. You got the 51 votes. Blow away the senate's "qualified majority" 60 vote rule. Flush the filibuster right down the drain.

Once and for all, end this vicious anti-people blight. Far from its horrendous Hollywood inversion, shown above, in "Mr Smith" -- no relation to our abbot here -- this rule ain't there to shield decent little guys when they stand up against the corrupt steam roller.

This rude vestige of the slave power, perpetuated by the slave power's rough-knuckled nephew Jim Crow, nurtured by clownish reaction from all points of the compass -- like Strom Thurmond here, the reality beneath the Frank Capra sugarcoat --

... was ever the comfort of the comfortable few, a legal lead pipe, ever ready to sap the people's will, and not in a dark alley, either, but right out there on the Senate floor in broad daylight.

Of course the Democrats never will untie their own hands. That would be to take full responsibility for their repeated rollovers.

As all of you SMBIVA rovers know, from that blunt fact hangs the real tale.

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Yes. It's a thing of beauty, the filibuster. The Democrats never use it, or even threaten to -- any more, at least; not since the vanished days of Jim Crow. But the Republicans do use it. It's one of those delightful American political institutions that only works in one direction.

Mike Hunt:

Do Dems even have someone like Al D'Amato who can think on his feet and ramble incessantly for fifteen hours? Do they have a hidden Huey Long waiting Obama like in the wings?

Mike Hunt writes:
Do Dems even have someone like Al D'Amato who can think on his feet and ramble incessantly for fifteen hours? Do they have a hidden Huey Long waiting Obama like in the wings?

B'wahh ha ha ha ha hah. Feeling hopey, are we?

They've got nothing of the kind, nor have anything even remotely resembling it anywhere remotely near the horizon. They need D'Amato, they need Huey Long, but all they've got is Dennis Kucinich.

That's right, Dennis "Ever Eat A Pine Tree?" Kucinich. Be very afraid.

But this is a primary SMBIVA point, is it not? The DP will never, would never attack the filibuster, which exists to shield the overclass from democracy. Hence, SMBIVA.

Why are we fantasizing like Hope Huffers? The moon may as well turn to Havarti.

I challenge you to watch the whole 20 minute rap by Hillary http://blogs.state.gov/


i think md
we oughta do more

"if i loved u " squibs aimed at obama's
call it
rope a hope

we all agree
the base under obama's left foot
is cracking
lets show why it oughta crack
more and faster
the independent proggery needs to start its own actions

i got a march on wall street solicitation today

from who ??

maybe u all know i didn't bother to decode the sectarian cypher
but the spirit's on the right track

a rip van winkle like myself
asleep from 81 to 01
don't know nothin
org wise

but 100k march on wall street sounds okay
by me

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