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The mouse that didn't roar

By Owen Paine on Thursday February 12, 2009 05:58 PM

Behold the mouse:

"The final bill includes -- a scaled-back version of Mr. Obama’s middle-class tax cut proposal,which would give credits of up to $400 for individuals and $800 for families within certain income limits. It will also provide a one-time payment of $250 to recipients of Social Security and government disability support."

"Scaled back"? I'll say -- from nugatory to microscopic. Those oughta be 12K returns, doled out over 12 months, constituting the disbursement of the trust fund frauds ending Uncle Sour's 30-year reverse-Madoff scandal.

Plus: a retirement tax holiday -- till further notice -- employee side only, comrades! -- Of course.

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We now officially live in the "up to" culture. We could have "up to" a democracy.

And amen, OP-san. What a mouse-turd of a "package" from Brand Obama. This guy is making Carter look courageous.


me at another venue...

"far from looting the 2.5 trillion trust fund
i suggest uncle sugar
oughta disperse it all right now"

lots of ways to do that

here's one for u left libertarian types

create personal accounts for everyone
with a social security number
and put zero coupon productivity indexed notes in em with paid in dates
and pay out dates
taylored to each personal
paid in profile
prospective pay out time line

property not promises

tom paine stuff

and btw
i'd take up skipper mccain
on his payroll tax holiday
only make it "till further notice "
and including the entire employee side of fica

then after recovery
slash the system till its on a pay go path

up ahead in ten years look at it again

the medi triplets are another story
here's where a class compact might be srtuck

convert the corporate income tax
to a vat tax
dedicated to funding
all three medi girls

but i'd want a health sector mark up control
in place before anything else

especially anything else
along the lines of
fresh money coming into the sector

beware ....tax pumps

as to retirement system
pay go ice bergs

instead of trying to anticipate em
simply level fund till you hit one
and go into deficit
then borrow your way thru the gradual
"up rate taper "

make a gracefull low incline rate traansition

start paying for the revenue deficit
after the deficit arrives
after after after
as now
starting 35 years**
ahead of time of impact

** 1983 to 2017 = ~ 35 years eh ???
and as i recall the first revenue
to pay out deficit is that far off


"making Carter look courageous"

tip o'neil had jimmy's fiscal number

" brainy skin flint
with a bible in one hand
and a slide rule in the other"

i'm quite fond of both them critters

ahh those were the days....

b4 kodiak paul volcker arrived
and put the economy in a figure four
submission hold

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