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A Perlo of great price

By Owen Paine on Tuesday March 3, 2009 11:12 PM

Hey gang -- wanna read about the bank struggle, as viewed from a high limb of our grand old Red party? Here's an article co-authored by "People Before Profits" columnists John Case and Art Perlo. A few highlights to get you to click on in:

"The problem right now is not primarily that banks are not making loans. It is that in previous years, they made too many loans, beyond the ability of consumers or businesses to repay.... Nationalization is a step toward socialism to the extent that democracy, and working class empowerment, is expanding. However in the absence of expanding democracy — that is, in the hands of corrupt, compromised and unaccountable forces — nationalization can mean a harmful centralization of power....

The challenge before the United States now cannot succeed without greater democratic guidance.... At least if it is government-owned, there is the possibility that we can exercise some level of control through the democratic process, however flawed....

Most of the necessary functions can be run perfectly well by civil servants.... Don't even try to fix the whole banking system as it exists."

"Corrupt, compromised and unaccountable forces." Got that? No? Go read it all again.

Done? Are you enlightened now?

No? Oh, you're hopeless. Go sing 'Old Man River' until you get it.

* * * * *

NB -- Art Perlo is from the famed Perlo family. Here's the pater familias, Vic, dressed up for HUAC:

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i take it few of u
are moved
as i am
by the second childhood
of the party
gus hall purged

Save the Oocytes:

I took it you were making fun of them. Have I misread you again?


"Have I misread you again?"

by no means
shallow a calling
as it may be
mockery is my beat

Save the Oocytes:

Then why need we be moved, good sir?


I'm moved! Wonderful article -- my aunt would understand it (problem is, my kids won't.)

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