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Flux you, Larry

By Owen Paine on Tuesday April 14, 2009 11:25 PM

Mike Flugennock passed along this wonderful item. Apparently Clintobama éminence-grasse Larry Summers, after some straining at stool, has experienced a flow:

Obama's top economic adviser: 'free-fall' ending

Lawrence Summers, director of President Barack Obama's National Economic Council, said there have been some encouraging signs the dive in economic activity that began late last year was drawing to a close.

"There has been a substantial anecdotal flow over the last six to eight weeks of things that felt a little bit better," Summers [said]....

But Summers refused to predict how strong the rebound will be or when it will take hold.

Summers got a laugh from the audience when he said the presence of seven television cameras was "seven too many" for him to forecast the unemployment rate's peak.

Yeah, they can laugh. They've still got jobs, obviously -- because who would be monitoring Larry's flow, no matter how nice it "feels" for him, unless they were paid for it?

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I think the political logic behind sending Larry to dump his loads in, say, Saudi Arabia, is impeccable and we should face up to that. I've always thought that our foremost allies/absolute theocratic monarchies are vastly underpolluted, or at least could make Lar-bud feel right at home among his own kind of rulers. Heck, he even looks like a Saudi prince already.

Those Kids Today:

Wouldn't it just SUCK if the economy recovers? Then we'll never get the Russian Revolution here.

Ha Ha


Does anyone surpass Summers in the category of repulsiveness? I think not, not even the comparably proportioned Kagan bros (or Wayne Huizenga)...

Those Kids Today:

Does anyone surpass Summers in the category of repulsiveness?

Herod Antipas Drunken Head Stealer

Lord John Russell Butcher of Ireland

Joe Emerson Brown ZZ Top Bearded Governer of Georgia


"Wouldn't it just SUCK if the economy recovers?"

great point
here we are waiting for this stage of capitalist society to implode itself
at each of its foci
like so many colossal cave ins
round the surface of mother E
each one on a spiral down to the center of this our sphere
leaving all of us up top here
onl with each other
on promising rubble ...world wide

ya ya it may have only blown its top
okay bigger then most maybe way bigger
but able to be absorbed with only cosmetic reformulation

but hey Clio always has a next time
i was a red sox fan i know
there comes a new era ...eventually

ah yes and it too shall pass
like volcanic systems are wont to do

two points

the model able to fully register this convulsion
doesn't exist
so who the fuck knows

positivist alibis aside

my reading of clios past practices
a series of national convulsions
with at best
reform outcomes


war among the big powers
is the necessary if not sufficient grounds
for a serious leap forward
in any of our national formations
here on terra

leaps that erect
the next stage of super structure
the next realization
of the on going
"process of socialization of production"

sublation baby sublation

jargon sez empty thing best... right ???


Herod Antipas Drunken Head Stealer

Lord John Russell Butcher of Ireland

Joe Emerson Brown ZZ Top Bearded Governer of Georgi

nice trio tkt
worthy of elvis's late vegas arranger

btw tkt

this promoted by an earlier comment
if i call some one a liar
its only in admiration

i love sly liars
tried to be one my whole life
would love to have the cool nerve
of a davey crocket
that guy that dicked out the cyclops eye



god blessed this man glue

he has not however the jacob like quality of our larry
the ziffle of wall street

seen at link
answering questions from his
temporary washington flat


once again
father has mis appropriated my byline

as if you didn't know
from the toilet poopy humor

only a boy and his country livin' commode
could get his neuron net to that figure so fast deft and deep


"Does anyone surpass Summers in the category of repulsiveness?"

No. Repulsive was really just an empty signifier before Summers came along. Even before this conversation came up I have often thought to myself that he is truly the utmost personification of the adjective "repulsive". He's like Plutarch's Sulla, but without any of the redeeming traits.

Those Kids Today:

Didn't Samual Huntington say back int he 1970s that Harry Truman was able to run the country with the help of a few Wall Street Lawers?

I think it's here.


So what's changed? In the 1950s you had a lefty president Harry Truman running the country with the help of a few Wall Street lawyers.

Now you have a lefty president Barack Obama running the country with the help of a few Wall Street lawyers.

Huntingon overestimated the challege from the left. The left in the 1960s and 1970s was more cultural than political. It was about smoking pot, growing out your hair, and saying you hated racism.

Barack Obama came in and scooped up that lame cultural leftism without breaking a sweat and pumped it right into his campaign.

The real check on militarism and Wall Street in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s was the fact that America still had a real "Main Street". You can laugh at square, small town WASP America all you want, but Eisenhower didn't make his "military industrial complex" speech because of the left. He made it as a concession to Robert Taft and the old right.

Ironically the left Huntington was worried about broke down the old main street culture of America and made it easier for Obama and Summers to run the country in a way Harry Truman and Dean Acheson could only dream of.

I don't hate Mexicans or Asians or blacks or Jews or hippies or liberals. But a multicultural, superficially "liberal" society is also a highly fractured society unable to act together to oppose the money men on Wall Street.

America's liberalism is as shallow as Obama himself. In fact, Obama is the representative of American left liberalism par excellence. Your fringe lefties like Nader and Kucinich are basically cranky old white guys with some kind of traditional values left over that just happen to express themselves on the left.

Obama is Benetton America and Larry Summers is just running the accounting division.



a main street kinda guy eh ???
thornton wilder anyone ??

scaling gone wild
plus automation
plus atomization
in a final chaotic convulsion
yields its opposite

AA => hobbit communes

the makings of a stable micro communalism ???

basic unit of cohesive community
"spontaneously "developed
from the disintegrated societal elements ??

will the makings that then will exist
post total earth wide production automation
and societal atomization
live in peace ???
after the final AA conflag
what's to be the coming nature of inter communal activity ??

voluntary exchange no doubt

tkt get thee to
the nearest george mason university annex
and apply for exhibit status
at their
museum of libertoonian antiquities

btw sports fans
i appropriated libertoonians
from mr shooman

super Al used "libertoonian"
in an e mail
sent to me yesterday
from his fortified coral reef
in the remotest reaches
of our grand pacific archepeligo

his message to the rest of u

" my neighbors the last of the volcanians
their best "

nemo lives !!!

Son of Uncle Sam:

He got a laugh from the audience... I'm not surprised, being polite to a speaker is common I suppose(unless you're a man giving information to an audience of strongly ethinic post menapausil women).
If we could put Michael Richards hecklers in the front row or on cameras 2 and 5 the interest and entertainment factors would rise exponentially.
I wonder if Larry had a spine, would he be Spree or Serial...


Have to confess, though, that the libertoonian ethos of Mr. TKT still appeals to me more than a proletarian vanguard autocracy run from a centralized imperial capital. But...that's just me and I know it ain't reality. Still...given "peak oil" and the inherent instability of our current system, localism may return. It won't be peaceful, though. But, it will at least be "interesting." Heck, Somalia may be the 'freest" place on earth, don't you know? Atlantic Magzaine says so.

I'm rambling. Please be kind. Sitting next to somebody who is being laid off after fifteen years and hearing her plaints gets to one after awhile.

TKT wrote:
"Wouldn't it just SUCK if the economy recovers? Then we'll never get the Russian Revolution here. Ha Ha"

So, Scott--I mean TKT--how would you define an economic "recovery"? Incomes of wage earners have been stagnant since 1973 and are now declining--so there's been no increase in prosperity for them for 35 years. African Americans have been, on the average, in an economic depression since forever. Globally, 80 percent of the world's population lives on less than five dollars per day, and global income inequality has been increasing over the past 30 years. So what have the "recoveries" of the past generation meant? A further concentration of wealth at the very top of the social pyramid, while most of this country and the rest of the world tread water or sink further underwater.

So what would a "recovery" look like to you? Would it benefit any of the people who have not benefited, here and abroad, for nearly 40 years now? Do tell.

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