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Talking turkey

By Owen Paine on Wednesday April 8, 2009 04:35 PM

"The basis of the U.S. financial system and economy is private capital. Policies must encourage rather than discourage private capital participation for the short run as well as the long run -- The U.S. financial system is worth preserving, and the only safe policy while investors are in panic mode is to preserve it with as few changes as possible with the government providing the resources needed...."
This sage advice, in a recent Washpost op-ed, comes from former SCTV station manager Robert "Guy" Caballero, shown above. He apparently now heads up the economics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Reason for post?

I never tire of good advice. Do you?

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OP, I believe you've made an error here. Robert Cabellero is decidedly NOT Guy Caberello. Robert is who he claims to be. If he was Guy, he would demand the immediate firing, or at least demotion, of the crooks and incompetents. After all, Guy deprived the vainglorious drunk Johnny LaRue of his monogrammed bathrobe and private dressing room, did he not?

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