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The Big Bench

By Al Schumann on Sunday May 17, 2009 01:20 PM

Where to begin? David Souter announced his resignation from the Supreme Court. Sounds good to have a republican appointee retiring during a democratic administration, but all is not what it seems.

"I will seek somebody who is dedicated to the rule of law, who honors our constitutional traditions, who respects the integrity of the judicial process and the appropriate limits of the judicial role. I will seek somebody who shares my respect for constitutional values on which this nation was founded, and who brings a thoughtful understanding of how to apply them in our time.

As I make this decision, I intend to consult with members of both parties across the political spectrum."

Well, f_ _ k me. I'm sorry to have dropped the old F bomb twice in one day, but I have had enough. When we speak out against the democratic party we are always told to remember the power of judicial appointments. It is terribly important for a democratic president to be able to put his stamp on the judiciary.

OK, if that is the only great thing about a democratic president, why should I be happy that he is planning to consult republicans about his choice? Obama has a 68% approval rating and the republican party has a paltry 21% approval rating. If he can't fight for a liberal on the court what the hell can he fight for?

Limits on the judicial role? What does that mean? It sounds very right wing to me, but then again so does Obama.

Freedom Rider

One of the names I keep coming across is Cass Sunstein, the celebrity professor and tireless promoter of "libertarian paternalism". We'd be better off if Souter stayed.

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Come now, Al. Cassie-baby is eminently qualified. Remember when he put his juridical stamp of validity on the Obamian legal doctrine? You know...the finding that prior (real or feigned) thoughtfulness renders blatant war crimes legal?

These folks do indeed respect and stand for Constitutional values -- the slavery rules, the freedom to steal on behalf of "private" property, the level of democracy inherent in the Senate and Electoral College.

Al Schumann:

His eminent qualifications become clearer. I had dismissed him as a dyspeptic baboon whose interests lay solely in punitive micro-economics. I didn't know he was a jurist of such Constitutional rigor. He's perfection, in his own way.


the purset of our 18th century institutions

limiting mobocracy as much as autocracy

preserving with jealous care
the absolute civil right
to keep expropriation
a strictly private affair

hell justice
almost requires it

a big bench summit
with veto powers
able to erect higher hurdles
to congressional action
then even the executive that appoints
each of its members
to practically unimpeachable
life tenures..
of course
meritoids love it and hate it
can't really live with it
but can't imagine living without it


" I had dismissed him as a dyspeptic baboon whose interests lay solely in punitive micro-economics .."

he is that troublesome homo-combo of juris duckturd
and ecoknockemus rex


"...prior (real or feigned) thoughtfulness renders blatant war crimes legal"

freaky baby freaky
so concise

make that the maxim of choice
for any crime high or low
mortal or quotidian
and we get
unlimited licensing
for carrion hunting meritoids
gliding in ovals
over our wage wedged heads
looking for ovary/balls to peck away


" the level of democracy inherent in the Senate and Electoral College."

hey its okay to knock the senate
that den of plastic pompitude

but the electoral college ???

i just wish it was like
the supreme court
or better yet like
the college of cardinals
appointment for life by the sittin prez

viva preziopapism

come to think of it

our world empire has resolved the age old xmanian tussle over pope vs emp

we got a pope party ... hee haw
an emperor party ...trumpet call

Michael Hureaux:

Preziopapism. Entirely appropriate, given that the Oba Man has now decided he is best qualified to determine how we should think about the graphic record of crimes of empire. Infallible in the ways of the Church, but also the Lurch towards the Merch. Kink of Kinks, Lard of Lards, Wankering Liar of the Jive of Barracudas.

Oh, hot damn diggety. The One gets a Supreme Court pick at last. Of course, I'm not surprised at the idea that he might pick a celebrity judge, seeing as how keen he was on the idea of a celebrity TV doctor for Surgeon General.

Y'know, I've had countless yelling, cursing arguments with the DW over the utter worthlessness of the Donkeycratic Party; after my extensive detailing of the Donkeycrats' long, storied record of self-service, exploitation, pandering, hypocrisy, and moral and ethical cowardice, the DW is constantly unable to offer any kind of counter-argument other than some kind of PoliSci-degreed gibberish about "thesis, antithesis and synthesis", and the two words Supreme Court.

Right now, in the wake of the Wall Street bailout, the escalation of war in Afghanistan, and his caving in on the release of torture photos from Iraq and Guantanamo, I'm having to work mightily to resist asking the DW "So, how's that thesis/antithesis/synthesis working out?" for fear of catching the back of her hand across my teeth. Oh, the things I do for love.

Michael Hureaux:

Seen, Mike F. Ain't nothing nastier than a practical "democrat" determined to hold the line. Out here in the northwest, they just look at you like you're insane. I've no doubt many of these jerks would like to see the noisier folks among our ranks silenced with mandatory and equitably distributed shots of thorazine.

Son of Uncle Sam:

Al Monday morning about 7:30am I saw a guy in med scrubs at the super market. All he had was a huge box of cereal and a gallon of OJ, a bulk buyer. (Harvard ring gleaming on top of the white Special K cereal box). I thought to myself... what no milk? Should I say something... then I thought...... F--K em' the elitist prick!

Al Schuman writes:
I had dismissed him as a dyspeptic baboon whose interests lay solely in punitive micro-economics...

Al? Dyspeptic Baboon Anti-Defamation League on line one...


welcome back rambo's boy
i say fuck em all
fuck all the harvards
if they can't take a joke

i'd rather rule in a mattress shop in lynn
then genuflect
to these harvards yales and princetons
in some quiet
ivy spattered
sun dappled quadrangle

Plenty of that going around, Mike F.

On the plus side, I married a bankruptcy lawyer. Obama's big plans for healthcare can only improve the prospects for bankruptcy, assuming that unpayable mandatory health insurance doesn't end up in the same modern-day "lockbox" as student loans: that which may be forgiven when you die or become too disabled to get upstairs without a ramp. Maybe.

I pointed out this possibility to mr_xeno yesterday at dinner. He told me to stop putting ideas in the donkey's head. I think that's the closest thing to an epiphany on his part that I can expect to see for at least the next decade. :/

Mike H., stop putting ideas in the donkey's head. :p

Oh hell, he started consulting with the Rs the day after Souter announced.

Mike F. I feel your pain. After making the mistake of converting Sweetie to the Dems back in 2004, he will now brook no complaints about The One now (and he's not even a Bot). Sigh. I must learn to use my power wisely.

What's really sad about this is that the DW was originally a real Progressive (no w's), and a founding member of the DC Statehood Party (later to merge with the DC Green Party), who voted for Nader in '96 and '00. By the time '04 rolled around, however, she'd been totally taken down by the viruses of fear and desperation -- a sickness far worse than any phony Swine Flu -- and was supporting Kerry, no matter what.

When I pointed out all the ways that Kerry and the Democrats were totally against everything she and I believed in, and asked why she still supported them, she pitched a fit -- damn near started throwing things at me, I swear -- and called me a subversive. Now, being called a subversive by right-wingers is something I've gotten long used to, but being called a subversive by a Liberal? That was a new one on me. I suppose I should consider it an honor, of sorts.

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