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They never learn

By Owen Paine on Wednesday May 13, 2009 05:30 PM

Durable pwog Norm "Bates" Solomon lets out a yahoo about the latest pwog run at my beloved Janey Harman. Once again, it seems likely that almost-equally gorgeous pwog studio politician Marcy Winograd, shown below, will take on the serpent-eyed she-champ of Cal congo district 36:

Here's Norm:

"What may be most significant about Winograd’s race to unseat Harman in 2010 is that it reflects -- and is likely to help nurture -- a growing maturity among progressives around the country who are tired of merely complaining about centrist Democrats in Congress.

Many progressives are getting a clear take-home message: Let’s stop griping about lousy members of Congress and start defeating them."

I kid you not, them's his words, brothers and sisters -- and odd words indeed, since Marcy here already did precisely this already in '06. She ran my immortal death's-head godess in the '06 dembot primary -- and took a savage beating too (62.5% to 37.5%).

The 36th is not that blue a district. Repugs garner votes here -- even won the seat five cycles back, when my Janey reached for higher fruits.

If you want to have a prayer of getting rid of Waterboard Jane, then a primary bypass and a straight run for the seat in November -- as SMBIVA always advocates -- is the only way. You could do it as, say, an "independent democrat" (size of "d" to be determined later).

That would at least show probable intent on dame Marcy's part to actually knock the Madame H machine off the hill.

But alas -- the pwog pond dare not flout the Big Tent party's rule book: thou shalt not challenge the party from its left unless you win the primary in a fair fight. Leave rogue general-election maneuvering to center-aisle club guys like Bridgeport's own right honorable meat muppet, Boltin' Joe Lieberfrau

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That would at least show probable intent on dame Marcy's part to actually knock the Madame H machine off the hill.

Indeed. It's all a game for pwogs to chase their tails. Goes double for this "Draft Joe Sestak" (PA) business. End lesson: See? Only center-aisle club guys make the grade. Your Janey is safe, and Norm's friends will be out some change after it's all said and done.

Peter Ward:

And, as a bonus, they can point to the defeat as proof the Democrats (in present formulation) are as far left as the public want them.



U I think hit a key nerve center.

If dem primary voters prefer
Your. "Centrist"
Then you're too left for the district's primary voters

One has to accept
The notion the dem party the house and .. America is better off with a repub
Then a center aisle dembot

And run in the general as essentially a blue dog killer
Ie a run
to slice off the dembo right flank
My guess if marcy beats my janey in the primary
Janey will run anyway ala boltin' joe

Practical reality
Of party power
The right is more valuable it has a place to go
And as arlen proved a place to come from

Pwogs? Well where in hell can they go ?


The pwog caucus
Could hold or better with hold
The control of the house by the dembots
But notice their fearless leaders like frank and conyors and stark and rangel
have com chairs to lose

A pwog caucus bolt in 07 over the iraqathon would have been the moment for that
Threaten to Bring down pelosi et al


Three party systems like ireland often see
Pwog conservative
Gubs formed
Precisely because
The pwog fraction
Has greater clout
With its right brethren then its
Centrist pals

Its a matter of relative fractional sizes
Where the center party is a "natural" hegemon
In a 3 way set up

U get these wing to wing alliances

This is of course all hideous

I remain too firm a believer
In more fundemental forces
Working more or less efficiently
Thru whatever party configuation clio has bequeathed them
Or her who of course is them or them her..in her deeper role


This is fairly depressing. You gotta explain why a pwog can't go through the Dem party -- as an electoral ploy, not an ultimate political goal. (If you're saying "what good is a pwog Democrat?" I agree.) But if you're saying how to get yourself elected, in a Dem district, why skip all the bruhaha, the editorials, the surprise endorsements, the secret maneuverings of a greenish billionaire, of a primary?

Especially this is depressing: "Its a matter of relative fractional sizes Where the center party is a "natural" hegemon In a 3 way set up."

Do we have to approach this on the Atwater-Carville level?


Can anyone indulge my curiosity and tell me what a "pwog" is? I know it's kind of obvious what you're getting at from the context but a formal definition would be nice.


"Pwog" is short for "pwogwessive", a term I believe we owe to Alexander Cockburn.

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