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You think they're bad, you should see their constituents

By Al Schumann on Saturday May 16, 2009 06:40 AM

The antidemocratic, anti-Constitutional, forces that tried torturing captives into confessing Sadaam ordered them to carry out the September 11 attacks (see Senate Armed Services Committee Report) are now trying to torture the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States into confessing she shares their guilt. This is consistent with the purposes of torture; coercion and blackmail.


That's cheap sophistry. Disingenuous from the start. What the Republicans are doing, now, is consistent with vengeful, minatory stool pigeon behavior. They are making it clear that they'll drag her down with them if there's so much as a hint of a real investigation. What they did, previously, was make sure she was too dirty to raise objections. The latter seems like excessive precaution to me, given her mindless enthusiasm, but it's consistent with their criminal mentality.

Moreover, Pelosi's position is nothing like that of a torture victim's. She can bring the wingnuts up short whenever she feels like it. The very worst that will happen to her is she'll lose office and become a hideously wealthy lobbyist. She is certainly not going to be tied hand and foot, smeared with feces, beaten and left to lie on a chilled floor until she goes mad. It's not in the cards. Not remotely. She's not going to be put in full body restraints and force fed. Nor does she face water boarding. She's not going to be tortured. It's grandiose hysterics to even make the comparison. She could put a stop to their media antics, herself, at any time by demanding a full, independent investigation.

Even in the most generous interpretation of her actions, Pelosi is the worst kind of politician. She lacked the street smarts to cope with experts in plausible deniability. She leapt into the role of useful idiot. She lacked the sense of self-preservation, never mind integrity, to sound an alarm once it was clear she'd been set up as a patsy. She was stupidly eager to collude with vicious thugs, and now she's paying the smallest possible price for it. She's an accessory to crimes against humanity, she walked into the role with her eyes wide open, and she shows no signs of remorse. Worse, I'll bet she gets reelected easily. She's perfectly representative of her defenders.

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wish we could replace her. we're a one party town and that maketh it somewhat tough to get an integritous person elected in a citywide vote. the money machine isn't just behind her, it IS her.

Al Schumann:

I emend right away to reflect that. Of course there are plenty of people who'd unseat her, if it all possible.


I notice
On the strength of this demotic rug chew here

The "Taddy" creature
Has a show off. Rough neck spirit

The prescribed
Bin L treatment
I submit
like with cheney

-and me after one of Al's salad only dinners-

Just goes to show ya
Only depends on who ya got in the hand cuffs

Al Schumann:

I think the pwoblem, er, problem with pwogs is that they're trained into chipper servility in their merit camps. It's crippling. Like operant conditioning. When they try to become assertive, they wind angrily and emphatically defecating on the dinner table in a bizarre defense of someone who despises them and despises whatever principles they claim.



I also think another reason that pwogs are so willing accept compromise and broken promises from the Democratic Party is because a majority of them are well-off and it doesn't really hurt them in any way.

I saw an apt epithet for Nancy Pelosi once: Botox Bolshevik.


willing to, sorry.

Al Schumann:

I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. The epithet had me enraptured.

That's a good point about the economic cushion. The broken promises gain an immediacy when you're working most of the day simply to be able to get to work the next.

I think, too, that there's a lot to be mined from a study of the employment that provides near term security, or what passes for long term security, while still leaving the well-jobbed pwogs at the mercy of workplace tyrants and the tidal sucking action of the banksters.


The system has uncommonly rewarded these. Folks
pay prestige power pleasure
. It can't be all bad
So why rock its
Foundations just cause it's got seemy margins

Al Schumann:

I may be tugging on a string with no end, Owen, but I have a gut feeling that work-related alienation might very well be a larger factor. There's a fearfulness behind all that smug satisfaction. The people for whom "pay, prestige, power and pleasure" can be taken for granted are a tiny elite. The rest have to run the gauntlet of tactical sucking-up and opportunistic bullying to get near a trough. I think they kid themselves into an identification with the fortunes of a Pelosicrat in a mirror of the way the wingers idolize their belligerent philistines.


We're making this way too complex. Pelosi is just a corporate VP, who happens to be the first female in that position -- so, we (Or they) made a big deal out of it. My hyper-skeptical wife even displayed a smidgeon of gender-based elation, for a few days. Now she (Pelosi) is displaying clay-feet, or -- the unspeakable -- post-menopausal erratic behavior. And the Repugs are feasting on it, so some politically sensitive Dems are rushing to her defense, even while they hate the bitch.

The point is, no one unseats a VP, except the P.


We (The dems, that is) have to hold our own accountable, male or female. She's 70 years old, too old for menopausal symptoms, not to mention, more of the same bullshit sexist crap I dealt with as a Clinton delegate. Pelosi was part of the cabal responsible for the farce that was the Democratic Convention. As to your last comment Al, the (P) isn't going to rescue Ms. Pelosi, as evidenced by Robert Gibbs comments today during the press conference, where he declined the "Invitation to respond to the circus" surrounding the whole mess. President Obama, for whatever you may say, is not going to immerse himself in a quagmire to save Pelosi. And she has alienated so many of her colleagues many of them could care less if she goes down in flames. I too was moved when she became Speaker, but it was VERY short lived based on her lack of action. She is a political operative of the first order, from a very political family. This whole "affair" has a Ceaser-esque quality in my opinion, with members of her Party circling with knives. Who can blame them after the way she has treated them? Doling out committee assignments to her peeps rather than those most qualified or even those with seniority, as was the norm. She and her methods are disgusting. I have had enough of her and her ilk. What is happening is of her making. To say "I don't recall being told someone was water-boarded 83 times" is tough to believe. Treating Jane Harman in the despicable manner she has is horrendous. I think she is reaping exactly what she sowed. Being a farmer, I will give her a little advice: if you plant corn don't look for tomatoes to spring up.

Al Schumann:

I thought we were discussing the P=NP problem, with an inquiry that was taking us to P=(v)NP.

Who the hell is Pelosi?


"a fearfulness behind all that smug satisfaction. The people for whom "pay, prestige, power and pleasure" can be taken for granted are a tiny elite."
as spinoza sez somewhere near the end of his own trail
if it were easy...

"...The rest have to run the gauntlet of tactical sucking-up and opportunistic bullying to get near a trough"

i agree hierarchy gets to ya at both ends

i guess it's
the brimstone in the belly
got them to climb the glass mountain
in the first place
they carry up there with em..inside em
the means of their own immolation

there is no rest on the way to the top
and not a shit load of solice either
secular ambition
makes the pilgrimage
a 100 to 1
kamikaze mission after all

its prolly that moment just before they crash into their ceiling ..their
"i ain't gettin there" moment
where self pity lurks
that for some meritoids (a few??)
instead of making them gate keepers
and mentors
returns them
to their fellow unter-smurfs
us down here
slowly turning our wage circles

in the Mc-preterition
semi self aware fast food souls


"Treating Jane Harman in the despicable manner she has is horrendous."

Noone can mistreat Harman enough. She needs to be thrown down 4 flights of stairs, then have Pelosi follow her.

Bonus points for the reminder that Pelosi will never do jail time, much less jail time comparable to that of her victims.

It's kind of sad that a person needs to reiterate that point to the Party faithful over and over again, but there you go. :/

Al Schumann:
"Treating Jane Harman in the despicable manner she has is horrendous."

I stumbled on that too. Jane Harman?! She's less awful than Pelosi only through lack of opportunity.

Ms. Xeno, I have hopes for them. Some may grow up to genuinely oppose torture one day.

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