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Sede vacante

By Michael J. Smith on Monday June 22, 2009 11:56 PM

File under Too Good To Be True:

Fighting tears, shah's son calls crisis a 'moment of truth'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The son of the former shah of Iran called Monday for solidarity against Iran's Islamic regime, warning that the democratic movement born out of the election crisis might not succeed without international support.

"The moment of truth has arrived," Reza Shah Pahlavi said at Washington's National Press Club. "The people of Iran need to know who stands with them."

Pahlavi has lived in exile since 1979, when his father, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, was overthrown during the Islamic Revolution....

The son now lives in the United States with his family, where he spends much of his time talking about the Islamic regime in Iran.

During his remarks, he broke into tears when he spoke of "bullets piercing our beloved Neda," a woman killed Saturday by Iranian police at a protest in Tehran, whose death has become a rallying cry among demonstrators in Iran.

Those Pahlevis, well known for their tearful devotion to the Plain People Of Iran.

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Matt Hardwick:

Shorter reply: The Palavis are the Bourbons of the 21st century.

I doubt, btw, that Reza Shah Palavi is in it for the long long long long long hall of oh, at least 40 days or so. He kept talking in that article about how the regime was a "sinking Titanic" and that its collapse has "already started." Forgetting that the guerrilla protests that toppled his dad took their own sweet time doing so.

At most, he's just crying crocodylidaeic tears over Ms. Agha-Soltan...::shrugs::

Michael Hureaux:

Yes indeed. Like father,like son. Of course, no one from the so-called Shah's family is going to put their own ass on the line.

stras jones:

The shah, of course, will be happy to assist The Revolution should it require any guidance.


Shah en shah presumptive

Bourbons indeed

A line commenced less then a century ago
by a military chauf-feur


About is bourbonic as our own post secession dixie




"our beloved Neda?" How...

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