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All together now....

By Owen Paine on Wednesday July 15, 2009 03:49 PM

Welcome to the house of scary stats!

Hey, shipmates, it's about time we all realized just how deeply the Trans-nat Inc's 60-year trade globalization project has turned into a shambles -- and it wasn't the anti's that done it, it was the planetary credit bubble bugger.

Epitome: national trade patterns built up over decades suddenly fluxed all at once into deep negative territory. Global trade turned negative in October 2008 and by the following February was reaching a record low of -33%. That's minus 33 percent.

Feature that. First time in a generation the magnitude of the total trade drop is bigger than 20%.

Yes, individual national drops of plus-20% are not uncommon. But, errr, not all nations together, not all at once, never -- at least not since the big one, way back there when Betty Boop blew Hoover. And guess what, folks, this looks to be falling faster than even that one!

Stagnation, misery, bloated jobless rolls -- all have a very bright future -- earth wide!

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let me hasten to add

the present contra temps
will be "contained "
we citizens of market earth
will not re plumb the depths of 32 -33

we have a pan-corporate promise
on that one folks

i'm authorized to tell u
the invisible hand is safe and well
has been taken into
protective custody

more measures are planned
further steps are being taken
even as i speak

think of this as an enhanced adjustment process

perfectly un-routine of course
but we are bending here bending

and bending...even deep deep knee bending
is not ... i repeat... is not ...braking

return to your stations good people
all is under control all is running according to best laid plans
......that is all


fortunately we can dig out of the whole with volume exports to mars

here is the formula

Peter Ward:

Since trade figures are so poorly qualified I wonder if this statistic is means anything. Furthermore, given the present state of the economy one can point to any characteristic one wants to citing it as evidence of doom and be pretty sure of being vindicated--that one ting is symptomatic of the other or whether it is just a coincidence will never be discovered. A great time for the charlatans for sure.


" ..I wonder if this statistic means anything"

ward thirteen alert !!!

"...A great time for the charlatans for sure"

on both ends of the tug rope brother


I think this statistic means a lot. I'd like to see the current Baltic Dry Freight Index, or a picture of the boats idled in the harbor at Bremerhaven.

(I'm reading your recent posts backwards, OP, since I was off for a few days.) So, how does this stark statistic square with your more recent post claiming that the US will stay atop the global dung heap for another 100 years? What does "control of global trade" mean when there is no trade?


that stat hce
is for trade not financial flows
the credit system flows
control the international market place evidence but not source of hegemony
imf policy

the wto has to play it fair among the north hemisphere countries..more or less
but its still a yankee run casino out there
level of activity is not the indigator its source of development technical etc

containing the soviets was real punishment
and uncle can engineer a containment

signs of losing his grip will emerge eventually but i see none now
only more or less playing well with his little bbrothers

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