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Poached Amphibians

By Al Schumann on Monday July 13, 2009 01:19 AM

Krugeleh wonders what the hang-up is with the Obamanoids. They've botched the recovery and they're botching climate remediation, amongst other things. I have a pretty good speculation. The Democratic Party as an institution, and the Obama regime in particular, is obsessed with preventing a crisis of rising expectations. A jobless recovery is okay with them. In fact it's close to ideal. With health care tied to employment, negative equity hitting one in ten homeowners and jobs left to the noblesse oblige of the welfare queens, the status quo is protected against movements with some resource cushions. Not that there are any posing a threat, but the Democrats take their assignments seriously, like good little merit scholars should. An ounce of plutonium strength prevention is worth a pound of depleted uranium cure. They speak in complete sentences, they don't shoot people in the face (they outsource that, of course), display no obvious sexual panics and immiserate with a perfect merit yuppie command of detail.

What could possibly be improved?

It's tempting to treat puzzlement over the Democratic agenda as disingenuous. They have a blatantly obvious track record. Every so often they make it very clear how much they dislike any hint that they're beholden to their nominal constituencies. They equivocate everything down to a muddled, misanthropic stew of policy and plead helplessness when even that evokes howls of psychotic rage from the Republicans. They look like solipsistic pseudo-intellectual corporate royalists, and act that way, because they are solipsistic pseudo-intellectual corporate royalists. They're happy with that too, and so are their supporters, right up the point where the implications of support start to become clear.

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Ob's is taking the heat for bankster prank part deux

And damn well rightly so


the Tepid
uncle respone to the job market vortex

The well pre conditioned
wage smurfs only show their class ire
by demanding a stop be put
To their own recovery


"They look like solipsistic pseudo-intellectual corporate royalists, and act that way, because they are solipsistic pseudo-intellectual corporate royalists."

Al puts it exactly right. No need to shift the blame to the unenlightened "wage smurfs". Just keep hammering away at Congress and selected "thinkers" and academics as servants of the baronial class.


We are watching the fate of reform n times of spreading distress
Among the toiling multitudes

Recovery programs that put a very visible stream of cash into retree and jobster pockets was
the correct first step
No matter the subsequent course of reform and reconstruction

The bail entered the credit crisis from the wrong end

Relief needed to hit the mortgage strapped householders first

Ob's cracker jack non partisan wall street A-team
prefered to continue The bank. Heistings
And selfless public agents that they are let the
Alpha party play
Populist enrage


Hce "blame"?

What other avenue do the wage smurfs have ?

I hardly blame the jobsters
I obviously blame no one
The system works
This way
A riot usually burns down its own neighborhood
Because the celebrants are shot dead trying to enter better neighborhoods
Its not a choice
Its a resort

Wagery sees
the heist
and wants to burn down gubmint

This is not their state could ob's have made this any clearer ?

Sure, the Obamanoids are incompetent corproate tools. But, say what you want about him, Obama knows how to make his political payoffs promptly.


Well, ok. . . I misread you, OP. As you say, they started the recovery at the wrong end. This is worse than proclaiming Mission Accomplished after 45 days in Iraq. Usually, one pays for this kind of misreading of a large historical moment.

Peter Ward:

Perhaps it would me more appropriate to wonder at the lack of self-respect of the poor that they continue to allow themselves to be victimized in this manner. At least this makes sense assuming one can expect the situation to be changed. If it cannot be changed we'd be better of speaking of happier subjects and, if possible, participating in the euphoria delivered by St. Barack.

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