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Regime change: it's everywhere

By Owen Paine on Friday July 3, 2009 10:12 PM

Can the good emperor save a critter who sez stuff like this? --

“Honduras and the Honduran people do not have to ask permission of any imperialism to join the ALBA(*).”
Does he even want to save him -- really?

Inquiring pwogs want answers, and they're in an ornery mood after watching the bludgeoning of the beautiful-loser green-scarf liberty legion.


(*)Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas.

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hce drov:

Check out Alexander C today, for a simple summary of the players and backgrounds of the coup.

I onced lived in a small town with a Marine base nearby, where fireworks were performed on 4th of July. I hate fireworks, but my six and eight year old boys wanted to go, so we got in the care and drove to the main gate, where two MPs stopped us and told us that base rules required anyone entering to have proper haircuts (my kids at the time were modelling themselves on the beatles.) I stammered a few ineffectual words, and finally the MPS, realizing there was a Public relations issue here, said "ok, you can go in if the kids wear hats." I turned around to look at my boys, and they said, in unison, "no way Dad, let's go home." My proudest moment as a Dad.

Son of Uncle Sam:

MP's are creeps, and when you enlist into an organization that prides it self on comparable qualities as Nuprin you get double. I wouldn't be surprised if the hats they had on hand were ski masks.

As for Texas Jack- can he be saved? I'd say it's like putting gas in a car you already wrecked.

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