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Liberal Fury

By Al Schumann on Saturday August 15, 2009 09:32 AM

America is even more on the brink of fascism than ever. It would be hard to get closer to the brink of the edge that tips the scales controlling the pendulum. Fortunately, liberals have taken notice. At Daily Kos, DarkSyde, an avenging progressive, heaps scorn on one Mr. John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods and opponent of Obamacare.

This is great stuff. The caricatures involved are behaving true to form. It's a showdown. The feckless liberals, shopping their way to a better world, are challenging the cretinous spokesman for the rugged individualist hive mind. Both have a problem. The cretin's business model consists of catering to shopping liberals. He needs them. The shopping liberals have to fend off fascism, but they need premium grade food first. My money is on a half-assed apology from Mackey and a boycott that's verbally supported, but never materializes.

Addtionally, "Jonah Goldberg" provides a timely reminder regarding liberals, conservatives and fascism. Liberals are not fascists, they're not socialists, they're not social democrats or indeed much of anything at all. The goading from the dim, fetid recesses of the right wing mind offers some insight into what they really are. They're timid right wing meliorists whose moments of courage produce tedious, self-indulgently prolix essays in defense of their social status. In the ideological scrum, they occupy whatever middle ground they're assigned by the opposing brand. In their actual political practice, they're adamantly opposed to corporate millenarian policy, if and only if it's branded Republican, and peevishly supportive of it, if and only if it's branded Democratic. The lese majeste offered by yahoos and wackos in the pre-fab town halls has ruffled their feathers. The market has spoken and the invisible hand has moved their perception managers, who cry "fascism" right back at the yahoos. They do it for love, of themselves and their brand identity, but they'd do it for money if it was offered and donate a sensible amount of the proceeds to the ACLU.

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Jonah Goldberg:

Remember what the original title of my book was?


"Liberal Fascism: The Totalitarian Temptation From Hegel to Whole Foods"

Al Schumann:

Indeed I do, Jonah. Good times! I supplied dozens of completely spurious cites when you blegged for assistance. Unfortunately, you missed the best and most damning indictment of all: mindless, whining complicity with the corporate millenarian agenda. As an example, anyone who clicks through to Salon is going to have to cope with a jackbooted frenzy of ads and a website groaning under the totalitarian weight of incredibly shitty coding.


to be prudent i'm putting some of my money on getting a dessert-themed ice cream and beefcake emporium -- "half food, ALL MAN" -- shadowing the whole goods chain like a bad case of herpes. proceeds will go to viagra for teabaggers.


*whole FOODS, doncha know

Jonah Goldberg:


You're probably one of those Nazis who wants to cure cancer.

But don't get me wrong. If it weren't for the liberal blogs, nobody would have read my book at all.

Now I get to change my mind and make lots of money defending Whole Foods exactly the way Michelle Malkin (hubba hubba) defended Walmart.

You should really switch to being a conservative pundit. There's good money in it. Don't you have a marketable back story you can sell as in "I was a liberal until someone waived a Free Palestine sign at an anti-war rally"?

I mean, come on, who would you be hurting. The Republicans do far more damage to liberals than a few isolated Stalinists can ever dream of. And you'd be able to afford to actually eat at Whole Foods instead of that Ramen Noodles mixed with Mayonaise stuff you usually scarf down.



Beware the ides of rock-tober

I wish there was a whale Inside jonah

Al Schumann:

Jonah, you're a devil. I'm tempted beyond my ability to control. There's just one thing. Okay, two things. I don't have the discipline for the office hours I'd have to keep, and there's an embarrassing glut of ex-lefties choking off the market opportunities.

No, I'm not going to do it. Instead, I'm going into business with Hapa. He's got a real business model.

Jonah Goldberg:

You're no fun Al. But maybe you're right.

Now if you were a semi-attractive light skinned black woman in her 20s, there would be big bucks in it for you as a media spokesperson for the teabagging movement.

I think DarkSyde used to be a Reagan Republican, btw. If you're a conservative who's seen the light and has decided to vote for Dems, that's instant reclist material on the Daily Kos.

As for me, you think there's any Soros money in it for me if I decide to jump ship and support Obama? Mom will be pissed but what the hell, if I'm too old to enlist, I'm old enough to tell mom to go to hell.

I originally wrote the following three summers ago, but it might still pertain:

It's a widely accepted myth with liberals that noble fighting Democrats brought about the Civil Rights Movement and equal protection under the law, when in fact the Democrats fought tooth and nail to stop the egalitarian measures for which the Far Left shed blood, sweat and tears in the Deep South. Reading the accounts from those who were there risking their lives, not grandstanding from safe enclaves in Washington, people like James Forman, Jack Minnis, John Lewis, Diane Nash, Rosa Parks, Dorie Ladner, Wally Roberts, Bob Moses, Wiley Branton, Gwen Patton, Judy Richardson, Miriam Glickman, Charlie Cobb, Staughton Lynd--these are the heroes of human rights in the US.

The fact that liberal Democrats lacked the moral fiber to stand firm against the recent conservative onslaught against these hard-won gains is no surprise; they never fought for them in the first place. Now, to demonstrate their common ground with conservatives, liberals express admiration for war-mongering racists like Richard Nixon, Billy Graham, and Teddy Roosevelt, and somehow think this also proves how tough they are. Some have gone so far as to absurdly suggest the New Deal might serve as as a bridge of diplomacy to the right wing.

What they describe is a demonstration of weakness, not strength. Lining themselves up with warmongers who've betrayed the Constitution time and again--people like Murtha and Obama--defines them as conservative, or neo-liberal, which is pretty much the same thing now days. What they advocate is a surrender of values while maintaining the public relations strategy of the Democratic Party, and diplomacy with fascism rather than the courage to fight it. In other words, more of the same.

This discussion from August 2006 on Liberalism might still be of interest:


Whole Foods?! Yikes.

Somebody get IOZ on the phone!

Still pertain? That's a direct bullseye dead-center hit, Jay! The pwogs historical revisionism make holocaust deniers look like Shelby Freakin' Foote by comparison. I swear, if I read one more self-important civics 101 valedictorian whine about how no historical change ever happens outside the fucking democrat party, I'm going to hunt them down and ram Zinn's People's History of the United States down their fucking throats.

But in a good way, of course.

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