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The Thanksralphers Are Back

By Al Schumann on Friday August 21, 2009 08:33 AM

Via Smithee, the Revenge of the Nader-Baiters.

Here is a person who has been rolled in ways that are criminal and unforgivable, who is being rolled right now, who finds solace in the memory of condescending to kids who don't care to be rolled. It looks, for all the world, exactly like the "wisdom" of the smart high school kids who mistake an accommodation with vindictive, whimsically delusional authority for maturity. A few steps up the food chain, this freak show version of a modus vivendi is called crackpot realism; Peter Orszag and Samantha Power territory.

Maybe there's some comfort in being a more articulate snack than the poor saps who cry 'keep your government hands off my Medicare!'.

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I wouldn't waste much sympathy of Diggly. She's pretty much self-rolling at this point. Like her freeper friends, about the only thing that keeps her going is willful ignorance and Nader Bashing.

Al Schumann:

Digby's backhanded Nader-baiting and the Nader-baiter she quotes are probably unsalvageable, and not worth the sympathy. But I got a dump truck load of surplus sympathy the other day. I offered it to my congresscretin. His staff couldn't understand what it was and asked me for money to support the progressive agenda.

Mike Hunt:

Ahh the ignorance of the Faux Left.
They all want what Nader says he will get them. But then they vote for the knife in the back. Then they complain they got knifed in the back. Then they vote for the knife again.
Sounds like the definition of insanity?
Or a British conceptual comedy.
Yes, a Snuff Box for the Faux American Liberal. Except without the laughter.

Digby Van Winkle 2006:


Don't be so gloomy. When we take back Congress that means that JOHN CONYERS will be chairman of the judiciary committee and he'll have SUBPEONA POWER!!!

That means we'll be able to open up investigations on Bush that will have some real teeth. It might even mean impeachment!!!

Just think how much more powerful Gore's knowledge of global warming would have become, if he'd had that chance to keep it secret for another 4 years! And we'd certainly already have our mandate to purchase "insurance" we can't afford by now, too...


which is more true?

(a) beltway elite-prog-dems would sacrifice their own children for the opportunity to skin all naderites alive.

(b) beltway elite-prog-dems are actually afraid that obama might create new rebellions that might hurt dems (via TEH NADERITES) more than repubs (via TEH PEROTISTAS).

maybe the way to find the answer is to see if there are secret police shadowing sarandon and robbins. or maybe satellites!

Al Schumann:

I think the pwogblogging dudes and dudettes are mainly concerned with retaining minor celebrity, and with keeping an easy means to that end available. None of the pwog (or freeper) bloggers say or post anything you can't find in the more aggressively monetized niche publications. There's an audience craving for more than the market provides, however, especially if it comes with the interactive validation provided by blogware setups. It's very much a "look at us looking at ourselves" thing, from the hosts to the guests, of the kind you see in high school kids who worry themselves sick about excessive or insufficient individuation. That more than any of their consumerized, attenuated, shopworn ideology-related product informs the thanksralphing. There's safety in the airkiss exchanges of received wisdom. I doubt they have a clue about Nader himself, or his activism.

They could accept this discursive format as a social gift, which it is, and try to take it from there, for fun, education, whatever, but that would sap the media/spectacle melodrama that they need for social capital. And it entails a disturbing, pitiable form of risk: think of the horror of unwittingly discussing the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when all the cool kids have moved on to season four.

Hapa, I think you're rather seriously over-estimating the level of reason these people have. I doubt they could get their minds around the idea that Obama could hurt his/their party, even on their own ridiculous terms. After all, he's black, isn't he? And they "like" and "know" some black people themselves, unlike their parents and grandparents.

"Congratulations to us!!! Long live our gestures!!!"


there's a useful word:

"people exposed to environmental change experienced negative affect that is exacerbated by a sense of powerlessness or lack of control over the unfolding change process."

political landscapes too, i think. it's worse than clinton for the believers and the in-crowd because of that sense of time running out.

Al Schumann:

Hapa, that's a great word. Do you think they're really aware of what's going on in the big old world around them? And feel threatened somehow by the regional financial collapses, social welfare catastrophes, the state governments running on fumes, and so forth? The liberal shopping militias and pwog perception management yuppies don't impress me as the kind to consider the effects and outcomes of national misery, even when its results interfere with their convenience.

Their conscious vindictiveness is focused inwards, to the defense of their status within their own claques. When it comes to the status game, I think they're actually denser and more parochial than the right wing corporate millenarians. Most of the Nader-Baiting, for example, is claque discipline; they use it to attack each other and keep each other in line.


"while both parties were corporate whores
the Republican Party, being insane, wanted desperately to actually kill large numbers of people in foreign countries
put the church in everyone's bedroom
give everybody's money directly to the wealthiest people in the nation"

no one can write this stuff out of honest calculation

its garbage

call the pwogs leftists
and feed em garbage

md has it right
gore would have got us to the same
station of the cross we'll be at in 2012 maybe by

save us 4 years of repunking
saves us what ??

8 -10 years less of wealth tax furlowing

higher insurance coverage at
higher rates

and iraq's people starved as well as iran's
by the constrictor in a white hat
human rights empiring

under well entrenched hunger tyrant saddam
the dessert tableau would be ...better ...worse

the up side ??

go fetch fido
the up side's
in the bush over there

can the corporate couple
run out the clock on our green earth ???

if its possible
politics is the art of doing the possible
for as long as its possible

uprisings ???
but the when
is not predictable
and premptive uprisings ??

usually don't uprisings
come after the catastrophe ??

even more so then the pop of a house lot bubble
could our greenery brown out
as fast as a light bulb ???

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