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Waxing philosophical

By Al Schumann on Tuesday August 11, 2009 07:44 AM

Via IOZ. Tristero, a procedural capitulation artist, offers up this ponderous deconstruction of libertarianism, and proves that it cannot exist. I am or could be hypothetically relieved. I've been dreading the application of Barack Obama's application of Cass Sunstein's "libertarian paternalism" -- an oxymoron, I know, but as catchy euphemism for actually existing progressivism it works pretty well. The fatuity is its core strength. The infantilization is sincere. In its daily practice, it maintains a ghastly coherence through ad hominem defenses of a branded faction in the Decider class. It's very pragmatic in that regard. The branding provides the "nudge", ex ante, post facto and post hoc. The nudged elide the outcome and intent of a policy and bicker over the means. The branding gets considerably strained in this process, but it can be refreshed in a popularity contest. Progressivism may very well be the only political philosophy that has survived real world application, and remained true to its roots and original ideals, the manufacture of consent.

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Well said, Al. All those nasty critics of Black Messiah are "defenders of the status quo" impeding hope and change. And those who suggest American political theatre orchestrates more than just right-wingers, don't understand how deeply loyal Democrats feel about their role.

Truly, Tristero has the most sincere pumpkin patch in the whole wide world. In fact, he has the only pumpkin patch. Why, it's a dead-lock-cert that the Great Pumpkin will visit Tristero's pumpkin patch this year!

I couldn't agree with you more. My post on libertarianism is indeed ponderous; that's what happens when you write on a ponderous subject.

At the risk of seeming paternalistic (but never libertarian), I urge you to continue writing in the clear, engaging style you display here. The case for libertarianism has never been made clearer.


The Great Pumpkin is a myth. Just like libertarianism.



Al Schumann:
The case for libertarianism has never been made clearer.

That's going to perplex quite a few people. But I'm cool with it as a keepsake. I'm adding it to the collection where we keep all the products of the epistemological race to the bottom.

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