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Hen Cackling and Piecards

By Al Schumann on Friday September 18, 2009 10:01 PM

every hot rad wants a union movement that is pulling off
organizing actions like tea bag rallys
and why aren't they
why can't our unions raise the level of play enough to start a prairie fire here ??

if 60 million jobbled mcsmurfs want a union the wood must be plenty dry

so where's the spark??

where's the key beef ???

where's the galvinizing paradigm action where's the paradigm job site ??

are they really that cowed that isolated that demoralized

is saying ya i'd like a union just an indirect way of saying
i need a raise ???

since at least the mid 70's the search for the holy grail has gone no where

holy grail??
the magic organizing model

well here's a problem
the desire to produce more orged workers occludes another problem

the job done today across the USA for the 11 or so million pri sec orged workers

a poll i'd like to see is
"how do you rate your union (brother or sister )?"


beyond cries of utterly abstract gibber about "bottom up revolts "

or demands for delightful ends like "rank and file control "

but absent a road map gettin us there

or weakest of all

simple nation mag like calls for "union democracy "

so how about gettin all three and a way there too ???

a form of rank and file control

that is both democratic and bottom up


periodic unit certification elections

open these up

routinize 'em let who ever wants to compete to rep the unit in the next contract drive
face off over a ballot box
the federation and the changelings together oughta sponsor this

instead of the antique gomper room shit about the sacred rights of the franchise holders

notice the present scrap between SEIU and the renigade NUHW

now that's a wonderful development


two outfits slugging it out toe to toe for certification as the exclusive bargaining agent for tens of thousands of healthcare workers

and at the unit level comrades unit by unit retail voting at its best ..yes elections based on challenges

not statutes but...

just rolling out one after the other

instead of abhoring this

it oughta be institutionalized right along side the 3 year contract cycle

nothing new here by any means of course

but it flips the take you are hearing beltched from most prog horns eh?

not only on the bay area roller derby

but even more basic there's el duce andy stern of the steamrollers union's other great raid of '09


his shivering off of unite from its non identical irish twin HERE

a scoup move that may net him a 5 billion dollar bank !!!

oh the poor rump of HERE ..what can ya say??

well fight you geefs fight em

if your units loved ya how can u lose a cert fight ...right ??

a ballot to hold your own turf ??

glorious jousting ??

not sez the high level piecards

remember back in july at the HERE convention all the huff and puff ??

why it caused more big union chiefs to turn hen cacklers

then the rape of the sabine women

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hmm, crystal ball says there will be a demand for a public option in uncompetitive union markets, which would be what, voting to nationalize the company?


you may choose as many as three, ranked by your preference:
[ ] this union
[ ] that union
[ ] no union
[ ] no CEO (public option)
[ ] no management (worker-owned-and-op'tion)
[ ] good god pls never ask me to make this choice again
[ ] i like long vacations and moonlight walks on the beach


as usual cuts to the radioactive core

and of course
the vote to representation is not eactly
red unionism or a syndicalists we dream

the vote to go "social"
would still require
stockholder approval eh ???

given our material conditions
property rights
at this stage
are not yet
simplified into objectified
human rights or
even producer rights

commodity production systems
all .....the petty bourgoise
"last rights "

a "socialism "
with extreme unction
is still gotha critique bound ....eh ???

Peter Ward:

How we get there seems straightforward enough--what's missing, as I've said before, is Will. E.g., the various tactics of the union I belong to, Retail Action Project, prove effective to the extent they are applied. Theses in include lawsuits, various forms of direct action, phone banking, flyering etc.--all pretty standard, well-known stuff.

And on top of missing will, our betters prefer to spend most of their time belittling us rather than putting their superior resources to constructive use.

Unions are obviously an expedient--ultimately we want to build a world without the need for them and of course as they become irrelevant there is a danger they will become reactionary (like the Church, the Monarchy and today "representative democracy")--but as long as there is a need for them their efficacy will depend on the commitment of their members.

The question is, "How do we create the needed will?" Any ideas?


' "How do we create the needed will?"

" Any ideas? "

ya lots

but that's tactics

the point of my post is more about


the sovereignty of the bargaining unit itself
and the empowering of that unit
thru regular certification cycles
unions in this model
remain the limited service istitutions
for which they are indespensible

unit contract negotiation and servicng

a strike fund accumulator
a banker for the job class struggle

a general staff of the job movement

a lobby

all things legal
in a process that
can not always be fully legitimate


but i suspect you are more into the org the masses crusade
well among other things we need to get the various full timer functions on the correct set of task asignments

i note

the cert cyle meme is biz union poison

but there is no substitute for
the proto-unit's desire
to self organize...
before full time organizers enter the scene

inside a union staff
is precisely
NOT where this "will"
can be generated
at least on a mass scale
the 1880's or 1930's

Al Schumann:

Peter, the orgs that belittle actually activist orgs do so because they're businesses, not worker benevolent activist associations. A worker benevolent can't provide a walking scrotum like Andy Stern and his parasitic flunkies with hefty incomes. The Scrotum-American geniuses therefore have no use for such a thing. The will and commitment of activists would undermine the business model, which is the business of selling out labor and delivering them to the tender mercies of management.

As Owen says, a structure designed to defeat will and commitment will do a good job of doing just that. Until the race to the bottom leaves them with a sect and a gaggle of public relations experts who quarrel with each other and steal office supplies.


the sacred secret ballot

here's the corporate meme thug take


i like this :

an employer bypass option
alreadt exists :

"Current law dictates that an employer can ...
choose to recognize a union
when the employer believes there is significant support from employees.."

note unless the cert cycle becomes a legal right of the barg-unit itself ...

sweet heart contracts and "company unions"
can not be repelled
boss imposed

the trojan horse strategy
is quite another thing all together...

a unit pushed"employee association
as a benign copperative front

go to boss
"we think we ought to have an employee organization here mr mister
but of course we'd like you to endorse it ..."

if mr M smells a rat and fires the "ring leaders" that much the better

note they become non struggle martyrs..eh?

peaceful people just trying to make the company function better ...
and they ge a job whacking ...

if the boss springs for the association gimmick

well the history of NRA sponsored company unions in big corporations left a clear verdict:
they could serve as trojan horses if properly
used ....

Son of Uncle Sam:

Op- why show that deformed testicle from the SEIU? Justice for Janitors...Unskilled, uneducated workers unite? Come on man even a dog needs a license to his business! Plus he looks like the type that would ask you to go for a Saturday morning bike ride to iron out some ideas! Drapped in Purple spandex.
I confess I'd gladly take a Bus Agent job w/ SEIU local 790 San Fran.
You know I'm a good union man. Show a man like George Meany. He could swing the wrenches, and pipe a cage around criminals before the police could respond! A Labor Super hero!

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