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Inside The Hive Mind of the Political Class

By Al Schumann on Monday October 12, 2009 11:45 AM

Some foreign policy analysts say the Nobel prize may complicate his [Obama's] efforts to wind down the war in Iraq, his deliberations on whether to ramp up the war in Afghanistan, and other international issues.

Shrieking Head Central, via Distant Ocean

There are times when something like that offers a dollop of solace. The sincerity and seriousness with which such deranged sentiments are delivered puts paid to any doubts that a bugfuck nuts system will produce anything but a political class that thinks entirely in crackpot, cretinous absurdities. One needn't feel obliged to play discursive, meliorist whack-a-mole with them or their partisans. If they were ever capable of being anything but crackpots, that capacity is long gone.

This doesn't negate the agency of the actors or absolve them. And the solace, ultimately, isn't that much comfort. What this does contribute is a perfectly valid, ad hominem dismissal of their rhetoric: they're full of shit, and will always be full of shit, because of who they are.

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when a "complicated'" policy fork
becomes even more complicated
ulitmo type deciders
get a free swim....

or should i say a blanket pass
to tread water ???

my hands are tied by
a complexity
that is only complicating... a complexity

as to what the fuck the new complication is
well that too is complex
and i hasten to add complicated
by its own train of add on complicating complexity

Check out the NYT piece today by the potato mash that calls itself Douthat.

As an interesting, though admittedly trivial question: What office-holding "Peace Prize" winner would do anything but exult and exalt over victory in a situation where peace were an actual aim and could only be advanced by the thing?

Obviously, none would.

Meanwhile, Zerobama is embarrassed and perhaps even irritated, isn't he?

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