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Let it collapse

By Owen Paine on Friday October 9, 2009 09:24 PM

Here's the loudest liberal mouth on economic policy east of the Mississippi and north of the South Pole -- Paul 'arf arf' Krooglemannn -- and surprise, surprise, he's ringing the school bell:

'If you had to explain America’s economic success with one word, that word would be “education.” '

But but but... today after leading the world for 150 years in ever wider and deeper school saturation bombing, my God! We've slipped! -- Right down to mediocrity:

"We have a college graduation rate that’s slightly below the average across all advanced economies."
Really? Really? Can this be true? If so -- is it too much for me to hope this trend might accelerate?

Imagine a tipping point -- bringing on a new dawn of the great American unwashed -- brain-wise, that is.

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Al Schumann:

I'm assuming Kruggles wants to create more high value-added human capital; chemical engineers, molecular biologists, synthetic bioelectrical molecular synthesists and maybe a physicist or two. These high HuCaps will then create intellectual property for the kleptocrats. If the neoflubberals want to make education work along those lines, they're going to have to remove all the financial disincentives (and make the educational processing system into something less like a rent seeking freak show). They're also going to have to re-employ, at full wages plus compensation, all the high HuCaps they dicked over in the last thirty years.

No one is eager to take on the massive debt of full blown credentialization without some guarantee of a salary that will cover the payments. The people previously dicked over serve as a glaring object lesson.


right sir
knee capping same nation hu caps
is a veteran tower troll sport

now domestic hu cap centers
that like 50 mecca's on the half shell
the palo alto to silicon valley megaplex
the 128 ring of magic in mass
these ink spills of genius
are the nuts baby !!
and nurturing em
amounts to guy's like
larry ziffle's
human whizz magnet strategy

in asia they build hu caps cheaper
for exportation
and in toto
THE global reach IP UN-feeely inc's
their rosebuds where they may

I am PWOG:

All Krugman was saying was that higher education used to be the area where America excelled all the rest of the west.

Britain and France had more access to health care. America had more class divisions. But compared to Britain and France (where higher education was restricted to the privilaged few) America had great public universities that were low cost and open to almost anybody.

California started the ball rolling with its property tax "reform" in the 70s and the rest of the country followed suit. Now the typical state university too expensive for the working class.

And I guess that makes the working class more likely to follow ultra leftist propganda. Ha. Ha. Keep the universities for the privilaged few and drive everybody else into the Bible Academies.

Ah cynicism. The way for the ignorant and empty headed to sound smarter than they really are.


"Keep the universities for the privilaged few.."
why that's half right
the other half
sift out
the next generation of merit classers

is that cynical ???
"drive everybody else into the Bible Academies."

besides the universities
kroogleman mentions community coleges too
but alas
as pre sifters and a second pathway up
to the universities
to supplement
direct entry from high school...
its been my experience
community colleges are
great vehicles for average jobbled folk "advancement"
yes they work unlike high school !!
in fact for many they make up for the hollow hours spent in high school
the "night school" type students
there are focued and driven
by job reality ...
they seek "something "better
pay and conditions wise

a grim but virtuous enterprise
for soul strapped spirits
no longer in their raw glory days
when their mcjob -if they had one-
was just for now money
and they sought
only something finer out of life

Al Schumann:
All Krugman was saying was that higher education used to be the area where America excelled all the rest of the west.

It still does, in neoliberal terms. The higher education system generates more degrees and more intellectual property than the rest of OECD. The system is working, PWOG. True, the state universities were once a pride and joy, and a sure path to secure employment. They were so good and so cheap relative to people's ability to pay that blue collar workers could move their children several places up the food chain, without parents or kids taking on crushing debt. That possibility was finished off during the Clinton years, in continuation with the program put into place during the Carter regime.

The pwogs pulled the ladder up behind them, once they got theirs, and now an attempt at a university degree is a terrible gamble for the working class and attenuated middle classes. This is why it takes an unmitigable disaster like the Cheney/Bush regime to elect Democrats. The pwogs have made themselves so hated with their gloating, willfully stupid destruction of the welfare state that a fascist chimp and his puppeteer is their only hope.

Ha, ha, yourself, PWOG. The pwog remedial for this freak show of a human capital pwogwam consists of outsourcing the first phases of cultivating high value added human capital to countries that practice what the pwogs have decimated here, then harvesting the highest achievers. The damage to the country will take generations to remedy.

There will always be employment for smirking cretins, however, even if the competition for job openings resembles a social darwinist cull.


of course s
job success follows educational attainment quite nicely
but if its hollow why??
here's the vicous gimmick
the spence signaling

the degree though substantially irrelevent
is "proof "of personal industry
pliability self discipline etc

and then as with most
self fulfilling processes
the advantaging "degree" becomes mandatory
pre requiste

our present post 8th grade
is nothing more then a very expensive socially constructed gauntlet

functional yes
but in a very inefficient way

if we untangle job skill aquisition from
gauntlet the useful ability aquisition is
a matter of what ??

most job skill stuff is probably aquireable in a matter of months for a motivated learner
with say 8th grade general levels
but we keep adding layers and inducing higher climbs

sacred cows were functional too
in traditional hindu society


what delights me

all those peer reviewed journal articles
showing the co relation between highed ed attainments and
life time earned income

the same over stuffed hackademics gobble
these "results " up
while noting with refined ease
the built in bias
of similar
" research products"
on say tax and private investment rates
coming out of pro corporate think tanks


i come by my school loathing quite spontaneously
unlike teacher's pet father smiff
a very able programmed stooge when he has to be

that kid in the dunce cap ??
that's me circa 1956
except in arithmatic
which i've always been good at
up thru number theory
and i still can't spell it

Al Schumann:

the degree though substantially irrelevent
is "proof "of personal industry
pliability self discipline etc

and then as with most
self fulfilling processes
the advantaging "degree" becomes mandatory
pre requiste"

It's lovely, in an excruciatingly special way. The credential is its own credential, by virtue of proving the process has been followed to the last odious, horribly expensive step, and it has "value" regardless of whether or not there's anything backing it.

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