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Now we're getting somewhere

By Mike Flugennock on Tuesday October 27, 2009 09:22 PM

From Reuters. No comment needed:

Foreclosed Couple Detain, Torture Loan-Modification Agents

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - As Los Angeles housing advocates launched a campaign warning of mortgage rescue scams, a couple hit by foreclosure are charged with torturing two loan-modification agents they suspected of fraud, authorities said....

"The two allegedly sought loan modification assistance from the victims but believed that nothing was being done and wanted their money back," a statement from the district attorney's office said.

[DA mouthpiece Shiara] Davila-Morales added that the couple, according to investigators, believed they had been swindled.


Editor's note: And so they have, of course, like every other so-called "homeowner" of less than 40 years' standing in North America. Why, I wonder, aren't all the others responding in such an appropriate way?

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Preach it, Jay! These fuckers use "their properties" as springboards for Wall Street plays and a thousand harebrained local "investments." Buildings that long ago should have been paid off go decades without basic maintenance, not to mention upgrades.

Rack 'em.

When we reported her to the health department, and they ordered her to hire a licensed rodent exterminator, she had a panic attack and called 911. Watching the paramedics carry her out of the building, we figured the idea of having to spend a few hundred bucks for her tenants' health and safety put her over the edge. Ain't greed a beautiful thing?


Have I told the story here before of my first landlord in New York? This blubbery religious caterpillar was literally struck down with a cerebral haemorrhage at sunset on Yom Kippur. For some years after I saw him occasionally, being trundled down the street in a wheelchair, his formerly keen avaricious gimlet-eyed expression replaced with a vague distant thousand-yard stare -- contemplating, I can only hope, certain aspects of reality not previously evident to him.

Tell me there's no God. Ha!

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