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A fatuous referendum

By Al Schumann on Tuesday November 3, 2009 06:31 AM

According to the editors of the Morning Perception Management, voters will flock to the polls today to cast their votes in what it is tacitly a referendum on President Obama's regime. The editorial enthymeme is that they're too stupid to consider local issues and so spiteful that they'll consider casting a symbolic vote for or against the regime, even if it means voting for something or someone they consider contemptible. The spite will be interpreted through the MPM preemptively, as it is now, and post facto, to ensure plausible continuity with previous interpretive extravagance.

As with any misanthropic caricature, there are enough spiteful people to form a photo op and provide a few appalling interviews. Neurotic pseudo-intellectuals will fret competitively over the implications of their existence. Meanwhile, about 65 to 70% of the electorate won't make it to the polls. Indifference, disgust, work and family will claim their time. Most of those that do make it will be voting on the same machines that have been causing so much trouble, even without the hallowed tradition of rigging and fraud. One might think that all the official encomiums paid to democratic proceduralism would get us a federal holiday for voting, possibly a functional infrastructure for it too, and one would be wrong. Gassy idolatry and a sanctimony empty enough to be cynical trump republican sentiments.

High turnout theoretically favors Democrats. But rather than working over time to facilitate that, they bend their efforts to normalizing the grandiose rhetoric of candidates immediately to their right and delegitimizing their more popular activists, with predictable consequences. A year ago, Barack Obama's election was touted by them as a repudiation of the Bush regime and the Republican Party. Now they're getting ready to lose seats in municipal and state governments.

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Mike Hunt:

Not much without the song and dance, but


Them city folks and friends
Are pretty much alike
Though they ain't used to living in the sticks
We don't like stone or cement
But we is in agreement
When we get started talking politics

The country's in the very best of hands
The best of hands
The best of hands

The treasury says the national debt
Is climbing to the sky
And government expenditures
Have never been so high
It makes a fellow get a
Gleam of pride when they decide
To see how our economy expands
The country's in the very best of hands

The country's in the very best of hands
The best of hands
The best of hands

You oughtta hear the senate
When their drawing up a bill
Where asses and dimwits are crowded in each conisil (sp.)
Such legal terminology
Would give your heart a thrill
There's phrases there that no one understands
The country's in the very best of hands

The building boom, they say
Is getting bigger every day
And when I asked a feller
How could everybody pay
He come up with an answer
That made everything okay
Supplies are getting greater than demands
The country's in the very best of hands

Don't you believe them congressmen
And senators are dumb
When they run into problems
That is tough to overcome
They just declare something
They call the moritorium
The upper and the lower house dismans
The country's in the very best of hands

Fox Motors is connected to the nominee
The nominee's connected to the treasury
When he ain't connected to the treasury
He sits around on his thigh bone

He sits around in his fancy car
This big congressional parking lot
Just sits around on the you know what
'Cause there they calls it their thigh bone

Them bones, them bones
Gonna rise again
Gonna excercise a franchise again
Gonna tax us up to our eyes again
When he gets them off of their thigh bone

The country's in the very best of hands
The best of hands
The best of hands

The farm bill should be
Eight-nine percent paroty
And all their fellow recommends
It should be mound at three
But eighty, ninety-five percent who cares about decree
It's paroty that no one understands
The country's in the very best of hands

Them GOP's and democrats
Each hates the other one
They's always criticizing
How the country should be run
But neither tell the public
What the others gone and done
As long as no one knows
Where no one stands
The country's in the very best of hands

They sits around and just place their ass
Where folks in congress has always sat
Just sits around on their excess bag
Up there they calls it their thigh bone

They sits around till they starts to snore
Jumps up and hollers
I has the floor
Then sits right down where they sats before
Up there they calls it their thigh bone

Them bones, them bones
Gonna cross again
So dignified and so wise again
While the budget doubles in size again
When it gets them off of their thigh bone

The country's in the very best of hands
The best of hands
The best of hands

The money that they taxes us
That's known as revenues
They compound up collaterals
Subtracts the residue

Don't worry about the principal
And interest it encrues
They're shipping all that stuff to foreign lands
The country's in the very best of hands

It's going to be a bad day for our local demotards, too. IRV goes into effect in Minneapolis despite a long stall by the DFL. Now they're wailing about the wait before results are announced, though privately our fauxgressive friends are all atremble at the thought that someone other than a republicrat might win an election.

Al Schumann:

Smithee, you've cheered me up in spite of myself. The poor things, bless their little hearts, all in a fretful dither about a drop of real democracy. Maybe the outcome will cause them a case of vapors.

Call me naive, but I like to think that it's because people are finally waking up and realizing that they're no better off either way whether they get a Repuglican or a Donkeycrat...but, like Dennis Miller, I could be wrong.

Just to the south of me, in my ex-home state of Virginia, the choice for AG is between a shrieking right-wing freak and a tepid centrist Democrat. Predictably, said tepid centrist Democrat was about 15 points behind at last report, and his numbers were dropping like a rock on Jupiter.

I know this sounds awful, but I'm kind of hoping that the shrieking right-wing freak wins, if only for the entertainment value as he proceeds to make an ass of himself in front of the press and public... kind of the same reason I dearly wish for Sarah Palin to run for the GOP nod in '12. From all reports, a recent speech by the shrieking right-wing freak at the College Of William And Mary was pure comedy gold. I've also seen in the news that Sarah Palin, in response to a request by a NY GOP gubernatorial candidate to please not come to NY to campaign for him, has chosen instead to inundate NYers with robocalls asking them to support the GOP candidate for governor.

Wow...come to think of it, maybe the world really will end in 2012. Mmwwoooha ha ha ha ha hahh.

Not to diminish the annoyances of the misanthropic and pseudo-intellectual, but I spend most of my time surrounded by happy idiots, with occasional intrusions by the embittered. As a full-time consiglieri and au pair, I find harmless distractions most useful in diverting my charges from harm's way. Of course, when it comes to the supreme spectacle of Sarah, that is sometimes easier said than done.

Michael Hureaux:

Je suis un marxiste, Tendencie Groucho:

I will not stand for anything
that's crooked or unfair
I'm strictly on the up and up
so people, you beware
If anyone's caught taking graft
and I don't get my share
We'll lean 'em up against the wall
and pop goes the weasel

The last man nearly ruined this place
he didn't know what do do with it
If you think this country's bad off now
just wait'll I get through with it

If anyman should come between a husband and his bride,
We'll find out which one she prefers by letting her decide;
If she prefers the other one the husband steps outside,
We'll lean him up against the wall
and pop goes the weasel.

We'll take the man outside,
and take him for a ride,
we'll lean him up againt the wall
and pop goes the weasel...

President Rufus T. Firefly of Fredonia
"Duck Soup" 1933

Incidentally, I hope that everyone slept a little more soundly last night, having finally received the long-awaited news that SMBIVA's self-declared guest-front-pager would be voting for Corzine.

I know that I did. [weeps a single manly tear of joy]


i suddenly realized with his latest comment
why i have such a love /hate thing
goin' on in my head
over mike freakinrock's mind

IT reminds me of my own circa 68
some how i couldn't sustain
that delightful
wobbly ferris wheel centered
over the top
ptolemaic system

somethin then and now
is obviously different be-twix us

somewhere between '69 and '74
(insanely late btw
by hip early boomer time frames)

my mind
thru a few transitional mediating forms
eventually self organized
into a certain forid varient
of orthodox marxism

been there ever since

poor poor pitiful me ...eh mike ??

@op, 11.03.09, 3:53pm:

No offense taken. I also have a love-hate relationship with my own mind.

For the record, I entered high school in 1971, as Vietnam was beginning to wind down, right after the big Moratorium Mobilization and less than a year before the Watergate scandals broke. So, depending on which historian you talk to, that'd make me a "late Boomer" -- that segment of the generation that got into the sex/drugs/rock'n'roll part of the Sixties, but had trouble grokking the politics because our older cohorts had abandoned the streets, fallen for that rap about "working within the system to bring about change", and ended up doing what their moms and dads wanted them to do -- get a haircut and a job. So, all of my socio-political awareness was pretty much self-taught, as most of the Early Boomers had deserted us when we needed them most (nothing personal) and taken up with Liberal nonprofits and the Donkeycratic Party.

I remember really really wanting McGovern to win in '72 (OK, I was only fifteen, but, still...), but just couldn't totally get my heart into it because -- and I know this sounds kind of shallow -- the guy sounded too much like Liberace. I couldn't shake the mental image of McGovern delivering the State Of The Union Address in a sequined jacket, with a tacky candleabra at the podium. I found myself somehow offended at the fact that a guy considered by many to be one of the most progressive (choke) candidates ever nominated by the DP came off like a stereotypical namby-pamby wussy Liberal.

Spending almost the entirety of the rest of high school watching the Watergate Hearings on TV helped me develop a healthy cynicism about mainstream politics, and being burned by Jimmy Carter -- the '76 imbroglio was the first one where I was old enough to vote -- helped things along immensely, after which it was pretty much cemented by nearly thirty years of the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush axis.

I want to say that my own mind "self-organized" into a variant of orthodox anarchism, but, c'mon... "orthodox anarchism"? How stupid does that sound?


I have a feeling that OP's Marxism isn't really any more orthodox than mine. Can't say about Mike F's anarchism, since I don't know what differentiates an orthodox anarchist from an unorthodox one.

Somebody help me out here.

Still and all, this feels like a good time for heterodoxies -- real ones, that is. I don't mean those supposedly "heterodox" folks whose hetero- amounts to becoming institutional/imperial faintly liberal -doxies.

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