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Folly marches on

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday November 24, 2009 07:18 PM

From AP:

Obama to unveil plan to add troops in Afghanistan
By ANNE GEARAN, AP National Security Writer

WASHINGTON – War-weary Americans will support more fighting in Afghanistan once they understand the perils of losing, President Barack Obama declared Tuesday, announcing he was ready to spell out war plans virtually sure to include tens of thousands more U.S. troops... "I intend to finish the job," he said.

Meaning, of course, that he intends to plunge ever deeper into the quagmire. Nixon made the same mistake. Will Obie have Nixon's opportunity to realize his blunder, and correct it?

I doubt it, and frankly I hope he doesn't get his second-term opportunity. I hope his Beatlemaniacs desert him in droves -- I love it when people learn from experience -- and I don't give a shit, frankly, whether Sarah Palin or some such clown is our next president. The more the office is brought into disrepute, the better I like it. Simplicissimus for President!

Obie's statesmanlike compromise was the null hypothesis as soon as General McHruska or McChrisis or McChimaera, or however he spells his eccentric name, called for the entire under-fifty population of the United States to be sent to Helmand province. Field Marshal Mad-Eye Mooney demands something crazy, and Obie gets to split the difference between sane and crazy.

It's the old joke, with all its many variants: A lunatic thinks the moon is made of green cheese. An astronomer thinks the moon is not made of green cheese. A liberal thinks the moon is only partly made of green cheese.

It's funny. I knew it was going to happen, and yet there's some gormless corner of my mind that's still -- well, not surprised, exactly. It's more that I can't quite put the two things together: my human impression of the guy -- hell, I'd trust him to carpool my kids, if I lived in his world -- and the patent fact that he's a soulless bloodthirsty robotic warmongering mass-murdering monster.

Obie's obviously a smart guy -- not as smart as Nixon, to be sure; Obie doesn't have that wonderful germ of madness and resentful fury that made Nixon so insightful. He's an earnest pedestrian Good Student -- a "programmed stooge," to borrow a phrase from Owen. But even so, there's something about him that makes me think he would like to be a decent guy.

I've concluded that this impression on my part is utterly illusory. It just proves that I haven't quite shed my capacity for identifying with other members of the merit class.

Now I've tried very hard. But brainwashing is hard to un-wash. Perhaps we should be a little more generous to the hapless merit-class Obamaniacs who haven't grasped what a menace their class is.

-- Naaah, the hell with it. Fuck 'em.

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"Obie gets to split the difference between sane and crazy."
lovely phrase
even if
as my ex class mate
and former foreign officer
tucker acheson is wont to opine
"hey your crazy is maybe my crazy too
but ahh comes the big boys
our crazy is their fozy "


"there's something about him that makes me think he would like to be a decent guy. "

i agree completely
i like the guy

there needs to be a better way to
digest this contradiction

good emperor is about as close as i can get

ya he's a good man ...among emperors
but he's still
an emperor among good men

Hot damn.

Now you're in the goddamn' groove, man.

Looks like you've finally figured out what I meant about the Mayans. Them muthafuckas was right about the end of the world -- if you're a Democrat.

P'ahh ha ha ha ha hah.

Run, Sarah, run! Palin/Prejean in '12!

Sing along with me, kids...
It's the end of the world as we know it --
and I feel fine!


I've concluded that this impression on my part is utterly illusory. It just proves that I haven't quite shed my capacity for identifying with other members of the merit class.

You're probably just suffering from a mild case of Battered Citizen Syndrome. After all the abuse we've taken, we all have a need to believe there must be some good in the sumbitch, no matter how many times he beats us. Hate is a terrible burden to bear.

Obama is very hard to read, but comes across as a decent guy. If he were sitting in the cubicle next to you, you'd probably like him. This is what makes him so dangerous. On some very basic levels, he has the Devil's own ability to confuse even the most probing and cynical. But like the Devil, if you get past his smooth words and classy appearance and look at his actions, the reality of what a hard-core, unprincipled scumbag he is becomes McChrystal clear.


With regard to speculating about Obama's successor, the next person who gets to pretend to drive the car, let's take a brief detour into a mythical past, and bankster crimes that anyone can understand:

It's A Wonderful Life - The Final Scene

Potter's personal health care attendant (the man who pushes his wheelchair) bursts into the party at George and Mary Bailey's house. The mood, which had been festive (just a moment before, we saw the arrest warrant being torn apart and thrown on the pile of contributions from "so many friends") changes immediately, as the tale of Potter's purloining of the disappeared bank deposit is told. At first incredulous, the people become increasingly angry as the depth of depravity of the twisted, misanthropic millionaire becomes clear.

Next we see the crowd carrying torches as they approach Potter's mansion - it is like the evil twin of the house that George, Mary, and their kids have filled with love - equally large, but almost all in darkness, and without any sort of holiday decoration, neither Christmas tree, menorah, or solstice wreath. Ernie drives up in his cab, and siphons some gasoline from the tank into a large metal can. We see him and Potter's former health care attendant splashing the gasoline at the entrances of the house, including the wheelchair ramp. Uncle Billy ignites the flammable liquid by throwing his torch into it, and the rest of the crowd follows suit. The volunteer fire department arrives, but Burt the cop keeps them from coming up the long drive.

Inside the house, through the windows, we see Potter desperately going from room to room in his wheelchair, trying to escape, but it is useless. Uncle Billy watches with grim satisfaction, and we see the flames of the house reflected in his glasses as he mutters "So long, you old so and so."

We recognize other members of the crowd - the same individuals we saw in the "Pottersville bar" scene - and, like then, there are no women or other members of the Bailey family present, except for Uncle Billy.

Clarence the angel, no longer in civilian clothes, but rather in his magnificent new robe and wings, watches sadly from treetop level. The camera pulls back and we see the house beginning to collapse as the flames leap higher. The final scene pans upward from the burning house to the starry sky, and we see in Gothic letters the following Biblical quote: "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life" (Deut. 30:19).


Returning to the our situation here in the 21st century - will there be a mass uprising, analogous to the spontaneous eruption of the people's justice in the preceding never-filmed scene? Not so likely, I guess, but not nearly as unlikely as it seems from inside the Beltway and on Wall Street. Palin is a polarizing figure - but I can easily imagine someone her fans would find acceptable actually winning the next election. As Irving Berlin put it in his song, may the Creative Forces of the Universe stand beside us, and guide us, through the Night with the Light from Above (metaphorically speaking).

Mike Huckabee, in addition to being a former governor, like Ms. Palin, is a Baptist minister accustomed to appealing for guidance from above. I think it might well be Mike Huckabee leading the torch-carrying crowd.

Who knows if it's good or bad?

...hell, I'd trust him to carpool my kids, if I lived in his world...

Yeah, he was such a nice guy. Always kept his yard raked, always bought girlscout cookies. And then they found all those dismembered hookers under his patio...


the flames dancing off uncle butt heads glasses
has a nice feel to it
but you've written the liberals out of the scene
i think uncle billy would try to stop the mob
getting splashed by the gasoline igniting
and dashing about jumping into a snow bank
flailing his arms
angel wing style
flames roariing off his body like a buddhist

then we crane camera back
and unscroll jehovahs words
as potters mansion burns like kane's sled

If Zero lived in your neighborhood, you'd see him swimming through pools and jumping fences, pausing for a scotch and soda at the Cheever place, then going back on his mission, hoping to find his daddy, so he can finally get approval for his swimming and jumping skills.


1. Nixon "corrected his blunder"? He was a warmongering hateful racist blubberer who only listed a few times left because he was in a panic that the country was being lost to the ragin' young radicals, who turned out to be Reagan Republicans in due, non-threatening time.
2. Obama a "nice" guy? "Smart"? I've heard him a few times, his AIPAC Gotterdammung in full, some "God Bless" or five, and that horrendous speech to some monkey-clapping teachers about the great parenting example he and his upward striving wife by demanding higher grades from his poor princesses. Did the words "nice" or "smart" come to my mind? No - unctuous, sniveling, racist, bilious, vicious, that's my AIPAC take.
3, I went through school and college with these merit-class dopes, and they were ego-fed charlatans who used their minds only to stay on the merit-class gravy train.
- Jesus, I thought we got over this "nice" nonsense at the Nuremberg trials. As humans, it is up to us to use our antennae to sniff out predators. If it matters at all, I thought this was a pissawful post.

Thank you mjosef. We needed that!


"I thought this was a pissawful post"

i couldn't agree less

your points hardly reach the post's heart

1 )nixon got re elected by fast foot work
called vietnamization
that convinced the silent majority
we were trying to head out
much as the bold surge theatre
followed by
a withdrawal strategy "defused" iraq
nixon never reached panic status
he knews "his people "better then that

2) AIPAC pandering??
the empire's
demands certain necessary actions
by it's emperor
those actions in particular
hardly reflect
in any serious way
the soul deep
" wish list "
harbored inside by the person
in the big chair
"that horrendous speech "
is merely exemplary bully pulpit chitter
meant with utter merit class boosted conviction
"upwardly striving"
that is precisely what merit classers do
it is their faustian mission
each in their own boudoir
reconcile or don't reconcile
their conscience
with the brimstone of ambition within them

3)"ego-fed charlatans who used their minds only to stay on the merit-class gravy train"
"ego- fed "?? no more on average i submit
then us less successful spirits

charlatans ??

merit classers must self themselves
puffery comes with the project
ole norman's phrase
'advertisements for myself '
sez it best

"used their minds only to stay on the merit-class gravy train"
only ?? as opposed to what...
help humanity ???
again on average merit class pwogs
hardly do more then they position would require of any one else

like the top cadre in the SS ??
no profoundly not
the SS required extra-ordinaire conditions
obama faces empire days mostly within the range of the ordinary

"gravy train"??
lucrative yes but not so easy
as the expression gray train connotes
or else they'd not be elite they'd be ....ME


more then the usual quota of typos

something freudian at work
perhaps ???


mc phd

my gaughter points out

the huckabee hound has no bite
he inspires no anger
his is a jim neighbors gig

we volkish whites
need anne oakley
with extra cleavage
and a vigilante streak

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