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Graph of the week

By Owen Paine on Tuesday December 15, 2009 04:52 PM

From Krugman's blog.

Put "liquidity trap" under it as a caption, and you'd have a great New Yorker cartoon... for any Reagan era issue prior to last year. Before that, no one -- since the darkest days of the great depression -- could have seen such a projection as anything but the vicious fantasy of a wild-eyed loon.

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Stunning. I burped out my own bit o blog on this, if anybody wants to look...



excellent post md

why don't you cross post
some juicey ones here
you modest bastard

i'm too adhd and lazy to explain anything myself

only a chance to hurl a little
utterly unfair cowardly abuse
and a plate of paste
lifts me
to concerted activity

otherwise it's gnomic city for me


This is all part of the new business model for banks, take bunches of free money from the fed and government and pay themselves large bonuses. Nice work if you can get it

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