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Ils ne passeront pas

By Owen Paine on Monday December 14, 2009 03:04 PM

So now we got a House bill that purports to take a crack at saddling Wall Street and the rest of the limited liability Laputanians. Okay, rangers, I know it's a fleabitten piece of class pornography, and yet it glimmers in my yearning eyes like... well... the Wilmot Proviso.

But damn the sky gods, here cometh -- for time 13 zillion -- the jounalistic caveat: "but it must pass the Senate." And of course from the collective mouths of that General Nivelle of legislative bodies, one can only hear the lapidary sociopathic reply "It shall not pass".

Yup, like health care, like glass-walling the Fed, like decent cap and trade -- it's the Senate's diehard willful muscle-flexing minority that stand athwart reform's passage to a better place There they stand, holding the narrows like so many easy-chair Spartans.

Fellow disloyal American skunk apes, can we not unanimously agree an institution that is precisely designed for nasty loon muppets like Joe Lieberman has begged for Clio's dust bin for generations since our constitutional patriarchs drafted her up?

Wasn't resort to a full-blown blood monsoon of a civil war simply to "contain" slavery impudence enough? Wasn't 100 years of unashamed protection of Jim Crow worthy of constitutional incineration? Not to mention more mundane outcomes, like the utter paralysis of the New Deal?

But the corporate center aisle party requires just such an institution, with its qualified majority ready and able at the drop of a stitch to disqualify any semblance -- yes semblance -- of anti-corporate progress.

But hey, times are a changin'. The left has seen the light... maybe. So I suggest we start a movement to repeal the Senate once and for all, or at least render it harmless, like the modern House of Lords.

Ahh, but lads and lasses, where's our Lloyd George to lead us? Where's our "small Welsh bruiser " willing to make a laughing stock out of this lethal gas works?

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Abolish the senate? Perish the thought! The a-lister pwoggie bloggies have already come up with a little make-work project to keep their merit-class minions busy and in-line. They're getting their tiny tanks geared up for a blizkrieg on that Maginot Line of Anti-Democracy - Teh Filibuster!

For a look at a typical bit of pwoggie mendacity, eyeball the comments section of this pos article at Obot Left. They're in full-blown anti-filibuster fervor, I'm tellin' ya!

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