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Recreational Sociobiology

By Al Schumann on Sunday December 13, 2009 05:42 PM

A phenotype is any observable characteristic or trait of an organism: such as its morphology, development, biochemical or physiological properties, or behavior. Phenotypes result from the expression of an organism's genes as well as the influence of environmental factors and possible interactions between the two.

Tim Fernholz and Matt Yglesias.


Courtesy of Monsieur IOZ, who has some helpful admonitions for the young gentlemen.

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hahaha... nice post Al. I actually just finished reading those two twits.

I was wondering if the SMBIVAns were following the whole Taibbi thing.

What say ye SMBIVA? Still anti-Taibbi?

Al Schumann:

I usually enjoy Taibbi 's writing very much. He's a truly great media critic in addition. But I can't make any sense of his ability to find it in himself to vote for Democrats. I hope he'll give up on them.



i have a post in the oven
on matt T's latest stone piece
and my darling brad delong's response

Taibbi is a mis-reporter who says "fuck" and "damn" to look like he's somehow carrying Hunter S. Thompson's banner forward.

Obama didn't pull a bait-and-switch. He ran the best marketing campaign to sell the dupes what they wanted to see. Now we know there was nothing inside that box of Change, but Obama never really said there was, if you bothered to pay anything like careful attention.

And anybody who can write this about Obama simply has his head permanently up his own ass, as well as a few others:

"He’s done some good things. He’s restored some confidence in the United States among foreign leaders. We had something of a revolutionary regime for eight years under George Bush, and Obama has put the United States back into the club of rule-abiding nations, at least to some degree."

"Confidence in the United States among foreign leaders?" Seriously? For real?

I think Mr Dawson and Mr Schumann have Taibbi's number fairly well. Taibbi speaks safe, obvious truths with a few blue words inserted for pseudo-gonzo effect... and then turns around and votes for Democrats and urges everyone else to do the same.

He's the Al Gore of "hip" journalism.

Al Schumann:

Regarding Taibbi, I think it's tragic that he went from hitting the New York Times Moscow bureau chief with a horse sperm pie to offering support, even grudging and caustic support, to Democrats. That pie was a great moment in media criticism. It was, in its way, a thoughtful and helpful gesture. I can forgive a lot based on that. I'll pass gently over the Rolling Stone piece, eyes averted, and continue to treasure his remarkable, compassionate contribution to media studies.

Save the Oocytes:

Re "confidence among foreign leaders": perhaps in Europe?

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