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Apres Ted, le deluge

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday January 19, 2010 10:45 PM

Starting to look like 1994 all over again. Massachusetts -- Massachusetts! -- with an unusually high turnout, has elected a Republican to replace good old steak-and-Scotch Ted Kennedy, the only halfway likable member of his family.

All the pundits seem to agree that this happened because "independent" voters deserted the Democrats in droves.

Well, why shouldn't they? They voted for the Dems in '06 and '08 because they were disgusted with what the then-incumbent malefactors were doing.

What they got, once the Dems were in, was, of course, more of the same.

I can't tell you how happy I am. At this point the best I have to hope for is that the Democratic Party evaporates entirely, and this particular banana republic becomes a downright one-party state, like Mexico in the palmy days of the PRI. Then at least nobody will be able to expend any mental energy on elections -- everybody will know they're a joke.

I look forward to reading the geschrei and gevalt, and the whistling past the graveyard, on Daily Kos and Firedoglake, but I'm saving that treat for tomorrow.

Goodnight, Mr and Mrs America, and all the Arks at sea.

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All hope is lost! At least Captain Coakley boldly went down with her ship... preserving the otherwise-threatened honor of The Noble Democrats.

You might enjoy my friend's article http://www.nwcitizen.com/entry/political-realignment-part-2 about political realignment.


thanks MJS, anything with a Gustave Dore print works for me

Isn't this just priceless? Paul Begala losing his mind live on television, getting in a shouting match with David Gergen... Terrified, hyperventilating meritoids as far as the eye can see.. Oh my days


Clearly this is all Ralph Nader's fault


you anti donks
celebrate too early

this is not 94
i repeat this is not 94

my dog bit my right hand last night
he's old and was in a scrap with his adopted brother
over spilled pop corn

my right hand got bit

the 10 election will likely end up with a dem congo still ...if just barely in place
and watch the musical chairs after that
recall the obamanauts now
will circle the wagons
the fear of the repug frost giants will enforce a mighty orthodoxy
dictated by the donor class

It's a perfect rationalization storm out there in the pwoggie bloggies today so, y'know, wear your galoshes.


Paul de Armond's 4 part disharmony
has the parts of the repug synthesis
about right
so lets look at the palin paleos
i think they require more analysis
because i think the party's corporate core
will them official badges in 12
okay not the key to party "headquarters"
but the whole electoral band wagon

no squalid compromising
a veep palin can love
some psycho desert sortm brass hat
too bad they don't have a guy they could claim

"got ben ladin"
hey how about the guy that got saddam
a fottball players like that one his own men killed
would have been perfect
just not a pol
and of course he's gotta be
as southern
as pulled pork
all part of
another amateur hour for the repugs like 64
remember congo man miller barry's veeper
only what then represented a certain hybred
vigor ...a renewal even culminating
in good morning mr reagan
now all that flim flam
has morphed into
a sort of fossilized enervating
like disney's hoop dee do review

sure from the inside out
it has a pleasing rot gut burn to it i suppose
last stand little big horn alamo stuff
usually does
but the outcome
will be worse i think
for the yahoos
then even the nasty bashing
the mcgovern campaign
was for a lot of proto yuppies
because palin and her posse
have no establishment gravitas
to restrain them
like ur-yuppies did

and of course since they can't win in 12
they will demoralize themselves
into uttering gibberish
on the model of
"the south shall rise again"

which of course it did
but only
when it shucked the paculiar institution
that was the kaaba stone of the whole gig
in the first place....jim crow

such are the well noted ironies of clio

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