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Muscular or not...

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday January 24, 2010 04:05 PM

... They're coming to get you. A kindly reader sent this link:


Restaurant Reduces Carbon Footprint by Serving Local Squirrel

The Famous Wild Boar Hotel in North West England is serving up free grey squirrel pancakes to hungry diners.

The restaurant at Crook, near Windermere, in Cumbria, is giving diners the chance to try the canapes free of charge. The grey squirrels were caught in the hotel's 72-acre woodland grounds and have been prepared by head chef Marc Sanders.

* * * * *

I have eaten squirrel, back in my hardscrabble Southern childhood. It's not bad, especially with a lot of pepper. It's a little stringy and the flesh-to-bone ratio is low, even worse than bunny-rabbit and almost as bad as pigeon, but perhaps if there were some nice Muscular Squirrels(*) in the pot....


(*) At the risk of spoiling an in-joke, newcomers might want to investigate the topic of Muscular Squirrels.

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I got one in my attic right now. Tenacious little bastard. Sounds like a kung fu fight in a tub full of marbles when he's up and about. Smart enough to avoid the "Havahart" trap I set for him, which is more than I can say for Bill Clinton. And he's winning our little war, which if more than I can say for the imperial troopers in Carpetbombistan. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, when this guy hears "wingnut" he thinks,"food!" I don't know if he's an Obamaphile or not, but I want him on our side.

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