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The discreet charm of the Borg-oisie

By Owen Paine on Friday January 29, 2010 10:50 AM

Does his mighty armada drain Uncle's long run staying power?

I contend this much-footballed "pwog living paradox", like chicken soup for colds, confuses comfort with cure. Yes, 'twould be nice if uncle's hegemonic world class sky fleet, with their trillion-dollar price tags, these hideous instruments of global oppression, were also the slow but sure means of Uncle's eventual decline and fall.

But it ain't so, alas.

Example at hand of this folly meme-laying? I call world citizen Petras to the stand, with a recent installment of the goo-goo death wish upon Uncle's death star:

Perry Paine: Senor Petras, would you please tell the jury what's with this article anyway? I mean, you've titled it 'The US and China: One Side is Losing, the Other is Winning'. Can you tell the jury who's who here? And why who is losing?

Citizen Petras: Uncle Sam's losing. And why else -- because Uncle, as I write here in the piece, 'pursues a strategy of military-driven empire building.'

PP: Wrong! I see... ignorance!

Mr Justice Smiff: Out of order!

PP: Perhaps so, Yer Honor, but not incorrect! [turns to the jury] Over the course of this hearing I will prove to you conclusively that Uncle Sam, your uncle and mine, gains handsomely from his armada. And foidahmore, I shall show uncle is not "losing". Nor is he foolhardy nor is his guardian class, our guardian class, foolhardy for designing hi-fi hi-tech "surplus value" snares vs. useful everyday products!

Mr Justice Smiff: [yawns] It's time for my nap. Court is adjourned until 10 AM tomorrow.

PP: But Yer Honor...!

MJS: Write up a brief and file it with the court clerk, Mr Paine. Ad-journed! [bangs gavel with unnecessary emphasis, gathers voluminous silken robe, sweeps majestically from the bench]

The bailiff: [belatedly] All rise!

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So, prove it, Perry.

I note that role model, Mason, usually achieved results via confession but that won't work here, will it?

BTW I am having difficulty with frequent recourse to 'goo-goo'. What is this supposed to mean in English? Thanks.


Paine is showing his age. "Goo-goo" is an old slang term -- was Teddy Roosevelt the first to use it? -- for an advocate of "good government" as opposed to machine politics: a weedy idealist, a pantywaist, an ineffectual bookworm, a man-schoolmarm, an Ichabod.


Apparently the term is still in use over at Forbes:

More Goo-Goo Than Gipper - Bruce Bartlett

The article is trash, but I do like the title.

Petras is a complete loon, and a prolix and ham-handed one at that. If being long-windedly wrong were a sport, he'd be in the Olympics.


Good comment MD.

Petras' linked article is easily read, being in standard English, makes its points plainly, and yet op seems to think that it is self refuting, whereas you simply heap abuse on the author. Petras is so obviously wrong headed to contrast Chinese industrial policy and US military/industrial policy and is boringly comprehensible to boot!

This is all very 'in group'.

Perhaps it would be helpful if some big thinker here would actually explicate Petras' foolishness for surfers who might visit SMBIVA for its catchy name but who might not yet have drunk enough of its Koolaid so as to be able fill in the many blanks in its never prolix posts and commentaries.

Boink: here's a simple attempt.

The USA and China are two entirely different nations, with different cultures, different legal schemes, different tolerances for environmental degradation, different tolerances for how workers are treated.

At these differences, Petras never looks.


one thesis
--made by many and over many years--
by wasting trillions since 1950
on attempts to muscle the planet
uncle sam has paradoxically weakened himself
by sapping the industrial might necesssary
to sustain
military hegemony

what if methods indirect uncle sees to it the rest of the planet pays for this "pax american"
that in fact the tab is shifted to uncles junior partners and...his once and future errr...victims

second thesis

by devoting domestic resources to weapons technology uncle's home land falls behind in civilian tchnology

even if that were true ..the fact remains uncle has willing de industrialized
the home land anyway
and since military weapons require military r and d in the end
makes sence to let pacific states like v
irony alert
germany and japan design the civilian tech stuff eh??

third thesis
the de industrialization of the homeland
might fly now
because in response one the rest of the planet pays the tab...
how long will the rest of the world keep paying for it ??

so long as uncle has the only borg cudes worth a shit

thesis some day some power will arise willing and able to build borg cubes too
example of an almost
look at the soviets they put up a good show there
for a while maybe the next challenger won't be so weak economically

okay fair enough so then that power will make similar domestic sacrifices
err with out the advantage
of a global hi fi luputa apparatus
even if tthey mange to grad a chunk of subaltern states

but now where's the advantage either way ????

recall the essential homeland producrs

hegemonic weapons currency
and a multi class citizenry
addly to spawn and sustain
a willingnes among the bulk of em
to ruthlessly kill
the "other" ...
and live thru it and with it ..robustly

thriving on the bloody circus of it all


Perhaps it would be helpful if some big thinker here would actually explicate Petras' foolishness for surfers who might visit SMBIVA for its catchy name but who might not yet have drunk enough of its Koolaid so as to be able fill in the many blanks in its never prolix posts and commentaries.


CF Oxtrot,

what you say still doesn't refute Petras' point that the pursuit of empire is bankrupting the US and leading to social and economic decay.


I didn't say I disagreed with that point. I don't agree with op's not-exactly-optimistic view and I don't really understand how op says the USA isn't collapsing. I was speaking only for myself, since that's the only voice I command.


how does uncle get everyone else to pay for the armada ???

who benefits from the armada ???

the entire global trade and credit network
built since 1946
is a creation
of the wall street corporate megaplex
the hi fi laputa

using this to pay for
the armada is childs play

first what's
the opportunity cost ??
near xero if the "capital" expended
otherwise would have gone over seas
....if it could

and it can ..safely ...because of ...the armada

once china's corporations become as multi national
as europe's and japan's
then china will start rumbling with serious calls
for an armada
like germany in the 1890's
or the us in the 1890's
or japan in ...the 1890's

then suddenly britania
and the great game
had other games
and as suddenly
other serious players
then the old regulars
france and russia
to contend with or ally with

uncle will get to that point
with china undoubtedly
but china then will be making a similar "sacrifice "

petras like chalmers johnson
has picked two right parallels
but the wrong time period

not britain in 46
and not china now

look at britain in the 1870's
and china in the 2020's
for a parallel
and the basic model uncle is using today

"britain faded paine"

ah but we are not greeks

we are ...romans

Peter Ward:

That the success of current US policy in this respect would seem contingent on a number of factors, ones by no means assured. For example, that the strategy succeeds in keeping the US the dominate world power. In fact, there is reason to doubt thus being the case: Increasingly Third World counties are asserting their independence effectively meanwhile the threat of violence is loosing its efficacy because of growing US and Western public opposition.

And where the money actually goes needs to be investigated more carefully. Much so-called defense spending is really a pretext for funneling public money into private pockets. The technologies being developed have no realistic practical application, such as the F-whatever fighter designed to fight a MIG Russia never put into production. Therefore, MIC-spending would seem irrational from an imperial point of view.

Of course, it is probably rash to predict the imminent demise of the American Empire, but, looking at the evidence at hand, it's hard to believe the Golden Age will last. Whether this is good or bad for the rest of us is another question...


to say the USA will fall
is like saying i will die

but saying the USA is collapsing
is like saying i'm in my death throes

far from collapsing
uncle has the hegemon's luxury
of folly paid for by the rest of the planet
and there's not much beyond weathering containment
boycott and invasion or subversion threat wmost state systems out there can do about it

there's of course armed resistence
and maybe nibbling like russia does with georgia
but what else can the rest of the world do about uncle imposing his security system cost on other states and peoples
country by country
or even in any feasible legion

one sees fantasy gibber about removing the dollar reserve system
not a chance
yes it provides seigniorage wind falls
--shared with other reserve currencies to some extent
and an over valued currency vis a vis
the emerging zones currencies
shared again with some others
but nnote the push comes to shove moments over the last 65 years
find me an example of uncle not getting what enlightened self interest recommends
recall the foreign MNCs are no more patriots
then our own yankee-cowboy motleys MNCs are

they all need a mr big state
to make the earth safe for distant "investments"



your comment is text book
thank you

"the success of current US policy in this respect would seem contingent on a number of factors, ones by no means assured. For example, that the strategy succeeds in keeping the US the dominate world power"

success is not the issue
the issue is what use of uncle sam
works best for the MNCs clustered around

a rival great power taking away the throne ??

that looks rather long termish
and to repeat regardless of success or failure
uncle bully is an MNC dummy
they need his muscle on retainer

as to weapons profiteering
of course

but the MNC's don't like too much hoggery
by the death ray boys
or too many futile crusades
or weapon systems that are so superfluous
even you and i know it ...

the security sector like its wimpy fat twin
the medical sector is a luxury operations no doubt
but each can be adjusted "enough" over time

there are times and places when and where
it pays to be patriotic and others when it don't

that distinction defines
the boundary between
well heeled establishment
and naked oligarchy


uses of junior partners

london as in orwells novel
is really an advanced platform
for uncle
thru its "city"
europe ie the continent
will never develop an effective counter weight to wall street


natural co exploiter of the han masses
and at the same time in need of protection

the franco german alliance might be independent
but i don't see it yet

merkle looks like another yank dough face to me
and sarky
a born closet comprador



I'd probably choose Hong Kong for that role

Petras is talking about boilerplate imperial succession. Rising powers are always sprier than decrepit ones. Rising powers are also always state-guided economies, too, in point of fact. Laissez-faire is the paradise of the strong and the paralyzing dogma of the old.

And he is simply wrong that our military spending hurts "our" economy. It boosts it, rather obviously. And, as op-san says, it is also the glue of the whole whole economy, a glue from which China's capitalists benefit rather a lot.

Petras is also the theorist of the Zionist Power Configuration, which is essentially the Protocols of the Elders of Zion story restated in clunky vanguardist prose.


That wasn't so hard, was it?

Thanks all.

Yours, Boink


cc: md

How can you write:

'a willingnes among the bulk of em
to ruthlessly kill
the "other" ...'

and not be accused by md of making md "damned sick."


To blame the overclass isn't to deny that we commoners have absorbed some ugliness, Boink.


all that said

i agree obviously with the implication of md's comment

the chinese economic super structure
is more efficient dynamically
then our super structure
--like japans germany's
and the usa pre WWI
v britain's --


boink as usual plays the imp

i'd like to see
a steadfast examination of mcjob class
attitudes toward the other
mcjob class??

the skill free bottom 50% of the job force --ie the 35% of the job force
that have "brief" on the job trained positions
plus the 15% with "a bit more"
on the job training type positions

i think
md's point
is we pwogs ought to consider
the info flow context

if we find nasty views
out of displaced rage or fear
twisted out of these souls
i say its gigo views
garbage in garbage out

its not a huge task to turn foreign policy into a video game eh ??


i wear this comparison out

obviously there are diffrent socially constructed paradigms

black america
has a dramatically different foreign policy "profile"
then corresponding palefacers

just as born again blacks
have a different
"political economy "
then paleface born againers

being "made " in white job class america
is to become a social construction
fraught with imperial rooter potential


but what else can the rest of the world do about uncle imposing his security system cost on other states and peoples

That's the Q of the era, ain't it?

I don't mean to be churlish here but I do wonder why you bother writing anything at all if it's all so inescapable and beyond our reach. Who and what will force Sammy to change his ways? I say Sammy is doing himself in, morphing into a different entity of a puppet nature, whose strings will be pulled by largely the same who pull Sammy's strings today. Only the puppet won't be called the USA. It may be called Panama, or Paraguay.

I don't know how you can look at the USA and say it's not in the ICU right now. No-value dollar, no manufacture of durable anything, the value of houses, cars/trucks, big ticket consumer targets etc is hollow and artificially high. The whole nation's based on oil being eternally available. And it's not eternally available.

Yet you say it's doing fine.


I don't know Petras' work. Maybe he has written a monograph that deals with the factors you mentioned in your initial comment. The linked item was not very long, so that I was prepared to cut him some slack generally. I didn't consider the absence of those factors while reading the link, however. Thanks for the response.

BTW, considering my newfound devotion to Amber Milgram, I think I may be a goo-goo, pantywaist, ichabod, etc. May that pile of cardboard boxes never succeed in enlightening her by a single lumen! (References clarified by the link that is Oxtrot's signature)

The difference between the supposed sins of Mapp and the bold assertion of op-san (or is it op-wan?) about 'the bulk of them' is too subtle still for me. I should have thought that op was slanging the littles here much more than anything I read in Mapp's poor sermon. Nevertheless I stand ready for whatever light you care to cast my way. (References clarified by the link to "consumertrap" above)

Thank you for offering so much to ponder. If there are items in the SMBIVA archives that are on point, please name them at your convenience.


"why you bother writing anything at all if it's all so inescapable and beyond our reach."

the empire loses a few rounds eh ??
and the empire can inflict serious wounds on itself
we just went thru one

i think on the other hand
there is no reliable
"self sustaining"
self destruct mechanism in the imperial system
simple lesson
if the opportunity
to move against the empire is not taken
and timely taken
boldly and decisively taken
and prolly at the national level
all will retrogress

the empire system
can "heal "itself
restore or liquidate
pathological national ..parts

national parts??

well the peripheral national parts
will of course
do most of the heavy struggle
but when the job base here
inside this core national part of parts
"stands up" fror itself
as it did in the 30's
or a section of that core nation's
" people "relentlessly battle their oppression as in the ike-jack era here

progress follows in fact it is the sole motor of progress eh ??
classes all classes must take
the other class never gives
at least not for long

if the domestic arm
of the core's corporate state
puts itself
in such a problematic condition
among the people
as it did
these past few years
then conditions for a spontaneous mass rising suddenly exist
rebellion is on the agenda

the point of a realistic appraisal
of the white job class
is i think n fold
a few elements that might be noticed are:

the contradictions
between introjected borg paradigms
and the gatherings gleened from any one "personal social context"
---including the internal conflict
generating mutually inconsistent and incomplete meme net totalizations
each jobster head has ingested and chewed over ---

co optation does
have a material base
among strata of the job class here
20 % "better " themselves one way or other
by borg rewarded merit
or by connecting
their inner dark side
to various necessary
intra class corporate tasks

manifests itself in both
a liberal and a re-actionary
articulation within the job class
and both wings of the corporate meme machine
mobilize an internal job class "betrayal"

betraying dove and supressing hawk avatars

if the job class is left to suddenly self form
in times of sharper attack
it's easy to disrupt the job classes efforts at self organization and unity
turning the job class against itself
by various domestic otherings of fellow job classers foreign or domestic or both

clas betrayal thru national mobilizations
against the alien within or without
all this comes quite spontaneously to the guardian class
even when it's own institutions
long practiced in these arts
are in disarray

the job class on the otherhand
to succeed at all
the seeds of intentional counter organizing
to be already in place
even b4 the conflicts sharpen
even b4
mass lay offs mass job drought and credit drought hit

if sufficient seeds of self organization don't exist come the systemic crisis
or if the crisis too quickly abates
then the convulsion becomes at best an essay in discovery...by elements of the job class

this time
despite 35 years

blatant job exporting

pay stomping

in your face tax increases
and benefit reductions

clever and nasty quick sandish debt traps

and various and sundry other
corporate market squeezings
of a more or less ouvert swindlehood

despite all this
the sponatneous "meme-stincts"
of our millions of jobheads
turn out in crisis
a gruesome myriad
of self betraying self destructive
patchwork programs
of wrong action half action and in-action

lack of training in self organizing
leads to routs

discovering and aquiring by mass practice effective self perpetuating modes of struggle
with careful scaled interum objectives
co ordination discipline etc

all very complex crafts to self teach
we best plunge in
and get started or restarted
as the case may be

maybe its not clear yet
but i think the game is afoot


the national question inside a multinational multi ethnic native and migrant country like the usa
i think requires
we each attend to our own "nation"

in my case i draw the palefacer lot
in fact i've always been "into"
never into the fantasy of dancing with wolves
joining the other side
honorary good guy shit

going say black or chicano or third world
or if push comes to shove
trying to become a real live simulacrum
of homer simpson
or ever his hary bridges equivalent

well that's out for the likes of me

--unless some org so assigns some day ---

i am what i am

and at best a egg head auxiliary
to the millions of paleface norte amigo proles

sure they got two sizes two big
kulack- pleb nastiness narrowness
and patriotic pretensions too...so be it

i must delve in regardless
join other trouble makers
and try to find their inner rebel

--everyone's got one
we marxoids say
just like
say every one's got a saveable soul--

find that inner reb
and turn her
to the light side

the left side


grumble => rumble ??

"Americans of all ages and income brackets continue to grow increasingly unhappy at work-a long-term trend that should be a red flag to employers, according to a report released today by The Conference Board.

The report, based on a survey of 5,000 U.S. households conducted for The Conference Board by TNS, finds only 45 percent of those surveyed say they are satisfied with their jobs, down from 61.1 percent in 1987, the first year in which the survey was conducted.

"While one in 10 Americans is now unemployed, their working compatriots of all ages and incomes continue to grow increasingly unhappy," says Lynn Franco, director of the Consumer Research Center of The Conference Board. "Through both economic boom and bust during the past two decades, our job satisfaction numbers have shown a consistent downward trend."

Fewer Americans are satisfied with all aspects of their employment, and no age or income group is immune. In fact, the youngest cohort of employees (those currently under age 25) expresses the highest level of dissatisfaction ever recorded by the survey for that age group.

"The downward trend in job satisfaction could spell trouble for the overall engagement of U.S. employees and ultimately employee productivity," adds Franco.

"These numbers do not bode well given the multi-generational dynamics of the labor force," says Linda Barrington, managing director, Human Capital, The Conference Board. "The newest federal statistics show that baby boomers will compose a quarter of the U.S. workforce in eight years, and since 1987 we’ve watched them increasingly losing faith in the workplace." Twenty years ago, some 60 percent of that generation was satisfied with their jobs. Today, that figure is roughly 46 percent. Barrington adds: "The growing dissatisfaction across and between generations is important to address because it can directly impact the quality of multi-generational knowledge transfer-which is increasingly critical to effective workplace functioning."

The drop in job satisfaction between 1987 and 2009 covers all categories in the survey, from interest in work (down 18.9 percentage points) to job security (down 17.5 percentage points) and crosses all four of the key drivers of employee engagement: job design, organizational health, managerial quality, and extrinsic rewards.

"Challenging and meaningful work is vitally important to engaging American workers," adds John Gibbons, program director of employee engagement research and services at The Conference Board. "Widespread job dissatisfaction negatively affects employee behavior and retention, which can impact enterprise-level success." In fact, 22 percent of respondents said they don’t expect to be in their current job in a year. “This data throws up a big, red flag because the increasing dissatisfaction is not just a ‘survivor syndrome’ artifact of having co-workers and neighbors laid off in the recession," says Gibbons."



my zoo mate over at the thoma cages
has another nice specimen

this time
of well the hazards of analogy

in this case
a society and an organism ...i guess

"The U.S., in the 1920s, was excited by the possibilities of the new economy of telephones, electricity, automobiles, movies, radio and television. But, the old economy of agriculture and steam was played out, and fully half the population was stuck on the farm and sinking rapidly into deeper and deeper poverty and despair. The financial crisis, brought on by a hysteria expressed in runaway speculation in fraudulent schemes, marked the beginning of 20 years of crisis, as the world came apart and a new architecture was developed, to rebuild it."

off on key details left out
but ....for the sake of argument ...

"The U.S. today has played out the economic and political architecture of the New Deal and WWII. Those structures, concepts, opportunities, imperatives, habits -- they are all dead and broken and played out, exhausted.

It isn't just our political system, but the whole basis of our economic and national life. "

here it comes...

The country is like an old man, the powers and ideals of youth faded away, consumed, at the end, by the final triumph of bad habits and weaknesses of character. "
rouseau ???

"The smoking that was a daring rebellion at 20 is cancer at 60; the generosity and confidence of the prosperous 30-something is poverty and anxiety at 70.

Building out new suburbs, buying a second car and a television, going to the new shopping mall, bearing any burden in a fight against godless communism -- these hopeful, idealistic and highly productive ideas have become caricatures and monstrosities: McMansions, SUVs, the Global War on Terrorism, 500 channels and nothing to watch. Kennedy's taxcut and Johnson's Great Society, that triggered the prosperity of the 1960s, reducing poverty, and encouraging the country to cast off the conventionalism imposed with WWII discipline, have become Bush's taxcuts for the rich, and a dumb acceptance of the inexorable rise of poverty."

lewis lapham ???
here it comes again...
the organic analogy revisted

"The indecision and irresponsibility of our politics is just a symptom of a political economy at the end of its natural life -- an analogue to the senility and incapacity of a diseased old age."

and extended

"Even if the political system, in its near-terminal corruption and paralysis, continues to refuse to answer, reality presses on, and necessity increases its demands."

here it comes the imminent
uncle banana morph

"The sense that the country is progressing toward becoming a banana republic of authoritarian politics, with a vicious corporate elite oppressing and exploiting a passive population is palpable. And, the evidence of the institutional decay to bring about this result is plentiful, as one after another institution of the New Deal has been destroyed or corrupted, and every ideal of liberal internationalism has been made into a bad joke, in a farcical parody called, "American Empire". (America Triumphant is spending record defense budgets to tramp around the absolute poorest places on earth, blowing holes in the sand and knocking one rock off another, while using the Constitution as toilet paper in a camp for some pathetic group of alleged scary terrorists, many of whom aren't scary or terrorists!)"

that being roared...

" 'Change we can believe in' -- We still desperately want the change, but no one believes we are going to get it. "

why not ??

"Everything -- every fundamental thing about how this country and the world is organized, economically and politically, has to change to adapt to the new reality "

revolution or reform ????

new reality ???

" of peak oil and global warming and globalized communication."

peak malthus

the plane just put itself into a
terminal dive eh ??

but there's an odd swipe here
at vanilla recovery

seems we need transformnation instead

"The most frustrating thing to me, about the way Krugman abstracts, say, the case for fiscal stimulus spending on a vast scale, is that he never connects it to reality. It is true that the Keynesian "technical insight" is that it doesn't really matter what you spend the money on. But, it matters to the political moment."
why well because it isn't about restoration

"It isn't coincidental, that we have this financial crisis, and massive unemployment in the old economy of building suburbs and cars to drive to them, at this moment. We don't just need "JOBS" -- though surely we do need them -- we need a completely different system for powering the economy."

off to the races

" By 2050, power generation and transportation in the U.S. has to produce no net greenhouse gas emissions. That's very ambitious. It requires rebuilding everything. We need a new rail net, for example. We will have to abandon suburban sprawl for something else -- some combo of denser cities and locally dense ex-urban places."

that out of his system
we get this from his for a moment parallel universe
resource limits
meets ...corporate media blitz unlimited

"If the U.S. is not to become a banana republic, then we have to find a new basis for middle class incomes, a new medium for a sensible political discourse, other than 24/7 corporate-advertising-supported cable news."


"Everything has to change."

then he rejoins the caravan of
the rest of us dire times prophets

"My personal hypothesis is that the sense of that, the necessity of that is well-known out here, among ordinary people. Not just people, who blog. Tea Partiers are responding, in their way, to the felt sense of massive change coming.

It is the elite -- comfortable and self-interested and vested in how things have "always been" -- which doesn't want change, and is resisting it with all of its power -- and the elite has all of the power, after all.

The middle class has lost is HomeATM, but the corporate and banking and political elite is still drawing down on its credit lines. The banks can up their credit card fees. The high-flyers of Wall Street can resume selling their CDSs or exploiting the Bernanke Carry Trade. The political class thanks the Supreme Court for opening the floodgates of corporate money. Apple orders some new iPads from China for gadget-hungry America, and H-P is a horrible place to work, but, hey, it's a job.

The elite, upon whom we depend for our daily dose of propaganda and to run our corporations and our politics -- that elite, vested in how things have long been, and which has been increasing its skim off the top by small increments, year and year, really doesn't want anything to change. And, they're in charge.

The only good news is the impending bad news: the bad news is that the system doesn't work, and the good news, sort of, is that the system doesn't work, and survive "

he leaves cartoon amerika suspended in air

its easy to smell shit slides
while their still just huge pre slide heeps

its better to hear
the slurrshing sucking sounds as the heep
begins to "let go"

but seeing in the minds eye where it will all go...
that's not so easy


'what if methods indirect uncle sees to it the rest of the planet pays for this "pax american"
that in fact the tab is shifted to uncles junior partners and...his once and future errr...victims'

no limit to unequal exchange...
sure there are

one 'might be' transcyclic
misallocation and accumulating
sectoral disproportionalities

byond ability of credit system to mitigate

verberating from real to krach and back


inadvertent truth emerges
from a whimsical essay in mockery

"beyond ability of credit system to mitigate"

nothing is beyond credit to mitigate
unless credit stops itself from mitigating

" no limit to unequal exchange"

all commodity exchanges
are in themselves finite

all inequality in exchanges
is therefore finite
all "accumulating
sectoral disproportionalities"
are finite

thru cyclics values morph quantitatively
but no limit exists
so long as credit is continued
or renewed
the series of exchanges over time
remain finite
obligations even as they accumulate
from further exchange
accumulation may either terminate or
be yet again rolled over
made good or defaulted
default is built in
as a necessisary moment of the credit system
what is not specified at this level of generality
who will bare the lose of value

schenwert is inextricably
entwined about and thru wert-essenz

see my paper on
der kreditshaften und shafter


"default is built in
as a necessisary moment of the credit system
what is not specified at this level of generality
who will bare the lose of value"

is exactly where we agree op

and just as exactly do i know
who has been bearing the loss

[see my paper on 'los dos erres',
or let me tell you about la capucha
and bartolina or real and mock
executions for the crime of
being human]

u may not yet know but
there are real polit and
econ limits

undreamt of by our lovely


Still prefering standard English, less tightly packed metaphors, less strained associativity, less recourse to net-centric argot.

Please, someone!

Volunteer to do interlinear translations of op's commentary. It is so full of nutrition and, though so very difficult to chew, once chewed, not hard to swallow.

I am still unpacking:

"the contradictions
between introjected borg paradigms
and the gatherings gleened from any one "personal social context"
---including the internal conflict
generating mutually inconsistent and incomplete meme net totalizations
each jobster head has ingested and chewed over ---"

from the feast offered on the 30th.

I like the 'allegro con brio' of it but am too distracted by the counterpoint to catch, much less track down, all the Hölderlin references, etc., etc. ...


"the contradictions
between introjected borg paradigms
and the gatherings gleened from any one "personal social context"
---including the internal conflict
generating mutually inconsistent and incomplete meme net totalizations
each jobster head has ingested and chewed over ---"

a love story

schizophrenic wife and
devoted old husband

living side by side
inside the heads

of we who must make history

moment a moment hard
to break through

others very easy

violent seemingly arbitrary swings
consciousness of

a liminal crapper
dentro strung out rites
of passage

op is too good.


' I say Sammy is doing himself in, morphing into a different entity of a puppet nature, whose strings will be pulled by largely the same who pull Sammy's strings today. Only the puppet won't be called the USA. It may be called Panama, or Paraguay.'

or transnatty overlay

big matrixed icing dripping over the national system pie
westphalian dreams finally undone by its own cancerous

which are unable to raise comp of cap
w/out killing profits base

so generate the mangificent growth
of a world petty commod mode

not so tuned in
not so captured

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