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It's, like, so totally your state of mind, dude

By Al Schumann on Wednesday February 10, 2010 09:17 AM

If I understand correctly, the angry-angry people are wrathfully enraged (and irate!) because their mental condition keeps them from seeing the ponies. Some will always reject the principles of ponyism, which trickles down into actual pony-related manifestations. They do this because they are permanently pissed off pouty persons. Some will feel better about themselves, and thus less inclined to negative nellyism, in a few years—maybe three or ten or whatever—when ponyism has had a chance to improve the material conditions in which they spend their bloodthirsty ire-drenched days. A few, a precious few, want to see the ponies and they're trying to see them, but the visions are interrupted by howling mobs of pony-lynching cretins.

A careless reader might mistake the telepathic exegesis for the crackpot fulminations of the former administration, now consigned to the ideological dust bin of history by that momentous moment in which blah blah blah. Anyway, they hate Obama and that's insane because the dead pony is all Bush's fault. And Reagan's. And the Republicans'. With just a little bit of blame accruing to Robert "Bobby the Terrible" Rubin. However it's no use explaining this to people who are hatefully-hateful.

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Just like here:

Olexiy Haran, professor of comparative politics at Kiev Mohyla University, said that many Ukrainians were disappointed in the Orange Revolution, given the political tumult of recent years, but they nonetheless appreciate what it has sown.

“Ukrainians did not gain much of what they were promised in the social or economic spheres in 2004, but at the same time, they are enjoying democracy,” Mr. Haran said. “They can criticize, they can watch television political talk shows with enthusiasm. They have real choices.” (from the NYTimes)

Ha, ha, ha.

the angry-angry people are wrathfully enraged (and irate!) because their mental condition keeps them seeing the ponies.
Did you mean "keeps them from seeing the ponies?"
Al Schumann:

I need an editor... Yes, I did mean that. Fixed.

Thanks for the pony, by the way. It looks exactly like the one I tripped over as I was fleeing my creditors.

Al Schumann:

Boink, the good professor is a credit to academia. Thank God we have the NYTimes to let us know that the glass, though jagged and painfully sharp, remains half full. People only need to exercise a bit of caution when they drink from it.

In the end, they want someone to reassure them, and to give them a chance to laugh, and Palin does stand-up much better than Obama.

Oh, Jay, you bad, bad person. How dare you deny that our One and Only President bring laughter and joy wherever he goes?

Shame on you!


"The federal budget deficit is a huge problem, to be sure"

thanx bobby
you think like a legal aide lawyer


"In the end, they want someone to reassure them, and to give them a chance to laugh"

who doesn't ...err
besides neoliberals poker cheats and parsons

Michael Hureaux:

Oooh, and I've twied so hawd all my daze to be likefully likefull.

Unfortunately, they're right, I hate them like poison, and once again, could not care less if Palin gets in next go round. People like me are going to be taking it in the teeth no matter who wins, and unlike Robert Reich, I will never be reconciled to the idea that I should pay or sacrifice to bail out a tiny faction of professional class twits who are incapable of learning that people like me are good for anything other than cleaning up their messes and wiping the noses of their self-centered brats. If Palin's presence hurts them as much of the rest of us are hurting when one of their feel good new age butchers are in power, then good on her. I hate them like poison. And if we're all really in this together, then they can just learn what really being in it means.

I am tired of all of them. and that's the name of that tune.

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