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Walk away, with a vengeance

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday February 23, 2010 10:42 AM

A kind reader passed this along:

22 February 2010

To:  Michael J. Smith and Owen Paine

Now we're really talking!


You can just walk away.  But then again, you
can get a bulldozer and leave the bankster with
just the raw land to play with.

Let Paulson and Bernanke securitize that!

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Al Schumann:

The outraged propriety in the comments to that article are worth a quick read. They're blaming him for bringing collective punishment down on their heads. Needless to say, people are going to get screwed no matter how vigorously they condemn retaliation. It's well past the point of squawking over whether or not he's justified. The banksters can't be coaxed, bribed or shamed into socially responsible behavior. They're going to take whatever they can get, wherever and whenever they can, and they're not at all shy about gratuitously screwing the obedient debtors, just to show they mean business.

I seem to remember, in one of the walkaway threads a few weeks ago, someone voicing the fear that banks would keep foreclosed properties empty and off the market to prop up prices.

Well, this would drive them to reconsider.

I don't know about the article, but the YouTube comments skew positive by a decently wide margin.

About ten percent are like this though:

Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? You buy something on term you owe them what you agreed to pay. You might night like it but you agreed to it. I for one am sick of seeing people living above their means and then demonizing the banks´╗┐ for making it possible. You spent the money and no one put a gun to your head.

What a waste, to destroy a beautiful home in anger. Someone who could have afforded it could be living there. Simple anger and spite.

I hope it doesn't take too much pain and suffering to bury this line of thinking.

And, if you can't get hold of a bulldozer...burn, baby, BURN.

Mmmmwwoooaaaahhh ha ha ha ha ha hahhhh. I'm lovin' it, man.

"...simple anger and spite..."

...Directed against the right culprits, for a change. :D

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