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Hold hands and sing Frumbaya

By Al Schumann on Monday March 29, 2010 09:09 PM

An energetic hack goes off message and gets canned for it. In other news, water often runs downhill. Frum's firing from AEI isn't a sign of impending discursive doom, there is no harm to the body politic (poor suffering thing that is) nor are there any far-reaching implications. Frum was hired with a certain understanding in place. At his level in the perception management racket the understanding doesn't need to be spelled out. He went off message. It cost him his job. End of story.

I think I can be forgiven for giggling at the thought of his sacking being indicative of "conservative intellectual bankruptcy". We still have Wendell Berry, Daniel Larison and the estimable Old Right anti-imperialists at Antiwar.com. Surely they count for something. Moreover, even a slight familiarity with their writing would suggest that Frum is not a conservative. Although he might "self-identify" as one. But how much is that worth?

The upset over his insignificant, if ignominious, dismissal looks based on the principle that a harm to one hack is a harm to all. That's a good thing, if it comes to pass, not a cause for mourning. I fully favor heightened message discipline and severe penalties for transgressions. Maybe they'll all go on strike in response.

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Exactly, Al.

It's like when Karl Rove got "demoted" -- some if not many people thought Gee Dubbs was not going to be influenced by his psy-op svengali any more, post-demotion.

It's also like Eliot Spitzer "removing" Hank Greenberg from AIG -- as if the mad tyrant Maurice was ever going to let go the reins, or as if his paranoiac greed was not systemic to the American International Group family of financial businesses.

Sadly, there are folks who are actually gulled by these theatrics, and imagine the stage play to be the thing, rather than a charade of the thing.


frumkin got the bumpkin
just like humpty got the dumpty

they both had it coming to em


" I fully favor heightened message discipline and severe penalties for transgressions. "

for that job
only one super hero will do


and better not try a strike ....


Mark Schmitt :

".. a commitment to a kind of debate in which people of various viewpoints can find an acceptable solution not just on the basis of their interests but their values."

what a cat box
he is

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