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Incontinent Spiteful Dithering

By Al Schumann on Friday March 5, 2010 08:17 AM

Just like old times. The highly touted return of the rule of law must yield to exigent circumstances. Or maybe not. But it's still the Republicans' fault if and when the tortured terror suspects may or may not have to be tried in military kangaroo courts.

The Democrats' neurotic mockery of proceduralism is the dry, sadistic, technocratic version of the Republicans' sweaty, sadistic, technocratic mockery of proceduralism. Neither of them can produce anything remotely plausible as justice. Order is out of reach for them both, because they have no idea what it is. So...

Why not simply murder them? Cut through the dithering! Murder is sufficiently spiteful, and surely there's room in the president's "Just War" theory for a murder or four. He could authorize a predator drone if that would sit better with the focus groups.

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Would you believe Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, or Sam Smith?


He could authorize a predator drone if that would sit better with the focus groups.



mr davis
that was provoked back on january 6th

super Al
is talking pre emptive unprovoked
pre justified just use
of unmanly non mano a mano
robo-ticulated predatorship here

very different category entirely
stop yourself before you
link again


my 11 year old retarded shaggy red dachshund maximilian paine
got this e mail today

--talk about pressing the gibets ---

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Where, exactly, does one recruit researchers like Holly?

Al Schumann:

Mr. Davis's link makes me feel almost miserly. In fell swoop, he found a solution to the legal dilemmas, the public relations dilemmas and the desperate one-upmanship needs of the other war party.

Al Schumann:

Ox, I am appalled by stereotypes. That said, the tailgating yellow ribbon sticker SUVs of the Bush regime have, in fact, given way to the tailgating hope'n'change sticker gas electric hybrids. They drive exactly the same way (not a dime's worth of difference) and achieve nothing but pointless aggravation.

It looks like the Futuristas are planning to engage in wrongful arrest http://citizensposse.com/ and perhaps kidnapping. While that would definitely one up the Teabaggers, it doesn't come close to taking out a federal building. But then, the Futuristas don't want to dismantle the federal government, they want to be the federal government. Otherwise, they could get members of Congress where they live, rather than where they work.

Sadly, the Futuristas are likely to discover that no one cares about their insular love fests in the midst of our rapidly crumbling society. When all hell breaks loose, the rabble rousers won't be serving cheese on toothpicks and Chardonnay. The bottles they carry will be filled with something a little more volatile.


ox aweful lot of effort put into that
why not photos of the other mast head gals
at prn

where do they stand on this:

"We won't allow another year of 45,000 deaths and a million bankruptcies"


"our rapidly crumbling society"
would that it were so


That's not the real Holly!

The real Holly doesn't (and wouldn't) have that lacerated left arm. Yuck!

Al, here's the comically sad truth -- I don't need to resort to stereotypes when I've known someone like each of the PRN staffers and each of the people that Amber and Felicia have interviewed. PRN is based on people I know and/or have met in my lifetime.

Boink, Holly's left arm marks serve two purposes, maybe 3. Two that are apparent to anyone who knows Holly -- (1) tough-chick equivalent of prison tattoos; (2) corporal analogs to bedpost notches. A third one that may or may not apply is willful self-mutilation as self-punishment and/or self-medication of a bizarre type.

Al Schumann:

Ox, I was afraid of that about five minutes after I posted. On reflection, they seemed a little too real to be complete caricature. What a tragedy, too, until they start punishing everyone around them.


Off topic: How long will it be before Federal grants to local police departments will be available for the purchase of drones and drone operator training? A new techno-bubble in the making?

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