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Links wanted

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday March 7, 2010 11:43 PM

Okay, it's time I put together a links page on this site. I'm soliciting nominations. Leave suggestions in a comment or send email -- stopmebeforeivoteagain {at} yahoo.com. I'd be especially interested in hearing about sites that link to us.

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Well, since you've already cited me numerous times and picked up a fair fistful of my cartoons:

http://www.sinkers.org ...which is now the front end to my newly-converted-to-blog format cartoon site at http://www.sinkers.org/stage

...now in Wordpress blog format for your RSSing pleasure.

I link to you guys and display your RSS feed at Stump Lane:

SMBIVA is in the roll of Dirty Hippies on my site.

Al Schumann:

I enthusiastically endorse Sinkers, Stump Lane and Dirty Hippies. I'll email a fuller set of proposed links.


Aside from the already mentioned, I'd suggest Joe Bageant's site and Cyrano's Journal. YMMV.



Also Counterpunch and Black Agenda Report.

Actually, I just remembered a couple of other big faves of mine; I don't recall if they link to Stop Me, but they're excellent just the same. They both deal with the whole antiracist/antifascist/white supremacist/third positionist/Teabagger/Breitbart scene:

Lady Liberty's Lamp:

One People's Project:

Yo, Montag!

Just checked out Stump Lane. Awesome blog, and awesome design -- and I'm not normally crazy about text reversed out of a black background.

As long as we're submitting links here, I'd like to submit http://www.sinkers.org/stage for your blogroll.


done, MF. thanks.

it's low-rent smartass, but it's all mine and it links to SMBIVA and a few others:


Al Schumann:

Ox's blog is well worth a link.

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