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We knew him when

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday March 10, 2010 03:34 PM

Congressman Eric Massa is not going quietly, is he? He's been a favorite here since my visit to the Daily Kos convention back in '06.

His supposed "inappropriate" behavior -- don't you hate that term? -- doesn't seem to have amounted to much, unless there's juicier stuff to come. But all right-minded people are agreed that it's a lunatic "conspiracy theory" -- don't you hate that term? -- to imagine that the Dems might have greased the skids for him.

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From one of the linked articles:

On the Ed Schultz Show, insurance company whistleblower Wendell Potter urged Kucinich to quit posturing and take the deal, according to Ruth Conniff of The Progressive. Potter agrees that the deal is a massive giveaway to insurers, but he thinks Kucinich is unrealistic to hold out for a better deal.

I pegged "whistleblower" Potter as an insurance company gatekeeper from the start.

"Accept it, Congresscritters! It's the best you'll get! I know! Trust me!"

@ Smiff:
The Democrats greased the skids for him? Hell, yeah; they not only greased the skids, they greased... oh, never mind. I mean, really though, man, c'mon... Rahm Immanuel himself threatened Massa (god, I love that name) with dire consequences if he voted against healthcare "reform" -- and Immanuel was naked at the time! Open'n'shut, if y'ask me.

@ Oxtrot:
If I know Kucinich, that goddamn' tool'd be like that wussy little guy in that cartoon on SNL: "huh, well, OK... but I'm going to set fire to the building..."

Y'know, it took me some weeks before I found out exactly why Ed Schultz's program annoys the living shit out of me: the guy used to be a right-wing talk-radio host, an aspiring Limbaugh, until he went to a soup kitchen with his Liberal sister or some shit and had an epiphany -- which explains the loud-assed, blowhard speaking style, as if he's having a three-way contest with Joe Scarborough and Chris "Baby Eater" Matthews to see who's the biggest goddamn' windbag on MSNBC.


There's nothing that sets off my BS detector more than the term "conspiracy theory."

Speaking of conspiracy theories, your choice of an image of Massa inserting a phallic object into an inviting orifice is...interesting.


Sean -- Some shots are just too cheap to resist.

Greased the skids. Now that's poetry!

The pwogs don't seem to know what to make of the whole kerfuffle. Most are taking a faux-sympathetic "he's mentally ill" posture with a touch of military ass-kissing thrown in for verisimilitude. As usual, they're trying to ignore the hardball politics part of it as that would conflict with their warped sports team cheerleading view of politics.


nice to see sean has fallen in love
with the "bootifull woids" of
michael "andy" jackson smith

by god
t'is good for his
konsistently kranky keltic spirit



do re read the father's words back there
apres expo-koscom

the gig clearly brought out his sunday best and his friday night woist

very velvety ...very burning

hard combo to hatch out of one egg



gotta hand it to u
no one blows his ballast better then u mate


" As usual, they're trying to ignore the hardball politics part of it as that would conflict with their warped sports team cheerleading view of politics."

my team nation type
sports fan <=> pwogie dembotnik

the parallel is exact

Mike - I'd guess Schultz knew that the pendulum was swinging back to the place where the GOP provides ridiculous clown / bigot relief from the soft fascism of the Donkle, so he switched his approach to court the Donkle. And yeah, Kucinich reminds me somewhat of that emperor from the childhood tale regarding His New Clothes.

I must strenuously protest Mike F.'s wanton cruelty towards any and all Air America refugees!! Why, if it weren't for the selfless genius of Ed Schultz, the poor helpless listeners who don't dig Limbaugh might have to use their tape deck in the car, or hum to themselves, or something!

Mike -- Wm Blum's recent Anti-Empire report was asking for the services of a cartoonist. Sounds like a decent gig for you. Scroll down to his last text before the links:



by god
t'is good for his
konsistently kranky keltic spirit

Keltic spirit put the kkk in the KKK, as well as nurtured a kocksure kommie klairvoyant or two.

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