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Comment gremlin strikes again

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday April 10, 2010 07:21 PM

Honest, this was the first image Google served up when I searched for "gremlin". I dunno what their ranking algorithm is, though having known a few computer programmers in my day, I have my suspicions.

Anyway. Comments were weirdly closed out again on a couple of posts -- including, for the first time, one of mine; it's not just you, Owen. Problem fixed now, and we can return to our regularly scheduled program of undermining and demoralization.

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Al Schumann:

They also serve who only undermine and demoralize.


hey MJS,

I've actually got a little post written up, and was hoping that I might be permitted to do a little economics pinch-hitting while OP is off purifying.

A word of warning though: it does involve some calls to action and old fashioned activist organizing. I understand that such posts are against the editorial policy of purely negative spiteful hating, but I'm hoping that you might make an exception.


bob -- I hate to be too predictable. Send it along -- stopmebeforeivoteagain [at] yahoo.com. May take me a day or two to post it, since I face the sodomizing horror of air travel tomorrow, and it always takes me a while to recover.

Al Schumann:

I endorse the post, provided Bob makes it clear that all activism inevitably ends in a walk-in closet full of cardigans.

Jimmer Podrasky's gems by Clarks... song No. 2 is directly relevant to this thread:


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