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Look on the bright side

By Michael J. Smith on Monday May 3, 2010 06:42 AM

Here in Lockdown Land, it appears that yesterday's Times Square car-bomb will result in -- you guessed it -- still more policing, on the sound principle that something which has been shown not to work will certainly work if you do more of it.

But there's always a silver lining. Maybe there'll be fewer tourists.

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Al Schumann:

In the face of terror, many Americans take pride in using the internet to change their travel plans.

"I coulda been killed!", said Pulsifer Armageddon. "But I have an iPhone."

Al Schumann:

Authorities promise frenzied probes in response to terror.

"Maximum mayhem will not be tolerated," said the mayor, as he bit the head off a careless pigeon. "Nor will maximum mayhem-related program activities."


"..maximum mayhem-related program activities"

saint Al

you forget not one damn mis stepping phrase
do you ...
the poor belt way jesuits craft
is not the easiest to master or to perform up to snuff
day after day after day

you are merciless and ..well....snide
decanonization proceedings
may be under consideration my friend

nothing is irreversible in the best of all possible worlds

i hear the whispers

My commute is awesome now that the subway is getting an extra dose of "freedom".



your safety is more important to me
then your ungodly license
to shamble about the civilized earth
free of strip search

subway slubway

u strap hangin loose livin' cuss

try driving a pathfinder
around town
with a towel wrapped around
the top of your head


has the wrong action figure that is not a terrorist its a pizza delivery boy in gaza


score one for the fertilizer and firecracker
death's head brigade
the f troop of terror bombers

It surely must have come as a great shock to Mr Bloomers & Co that NYPD security was so lax that someone could drive around town with a propane tank and a gas can in the trunk. Who coulda node?


"still more policing"
police forces always and every where
confront limited resouces with alternative ends

more anti terror prolly means less anti vice

i say arrest and impound
pre empt

start with firing on sight
at all bicycle riders
crossing 59th street
coming from the west side
on even days of the month
from the east side on odd days


AC is on his climate change hobby horse again. Will there be commentary from SMBIVA?

Flak writes:
AC is on his climate change hobby horse again...

You mean "AG", don't you? Cripes; when the hell is that goddamn' phony going to climb aboard his kerosene-guzzling jet plane and crash it into the oil slick?

Mike -- I think flak means Al Cocky (Alexander Cockburn). See here:


Well, the house economist over there is the great PC Roberts, he of the howl against the present order, yet the stern defender of the honor of the allegedly still-pure (still untried!!!!) supply-side "economics."


poor old roberts
he's quite the shambling spectacle
reagan era snake oil star
now coon skin cap jeremiah

a prophet no doubt
to the land cruiser libertarian set

its not all foul weather over there these days however

i'm a great fan of honest eclectic
mike whitney
who appears frequently
on the daily roll of C-punch's
among the usual barn yard symphony
of semi-domesticated
radical egos

among the un orchestrated
yawls howls clucks and cackles
moos hoots snorts brays barks
hee haws and bleats
whitney sounds like a bronze gong
blasting thru the chatter
in an over statedly wry
sort of way

he never pretends
to have a commanding heights
grand theory of everything capitalist

he just plugs along
surfing as he can
the incoming on going news waves

the man 'keeps punchin'
never swinging for a knock out
working the body corporate
ya occasionally
he'll nicely nail a kidney or two

thank god among that mob
of one punch wonder KO kings
he's no head hunter

simply an op ed type aggregator
a news bard
a story re-teller

and lord c-burn has that brother too

no not the nimble shadow figure
exposing the empire's blood dance
over there just the otherside of israel

andrew is it ??

he's better then henwood doug
on "the street "

because he's mostly
a story getter and a sharp angle finder

a journalist not an oracle

its the self tatooed
MARXIAN demi gods
that congregate
--by invitation only--
at the C-punch bar each day
that tend to lengthen
the crack in my ass

Save the Oocytes:

Iraq war reporter brother is Patrick. Andrew is the one who runs Counterpunch

Another bright side: Apparently, they're now admitting that gasoline is a WMD. Or is it only when it sits next to fireworks?


I see they have captured a suspect in record time, as always. Seems whenever there is one of these terrorist attacks, they invariably identify and/or arrest the suspects in a matter of days, if not hours, of the attacks. That's stunning police work of almost psychic quality.

Compare this to how long it took to get the Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer or other amateur criminals who left a trail of evidence a mile wide. They still haven't got that Zodiac guy.

But plant a bomb somewhere and walk away, and they are on your ass like an overtight pair of Speedos. Faster than you can drive to New Jersey during rush hour, they've rounded up some Muslim guy and he's ready to confess to every crime since the Lindbergh kidnapping. They have an amazingly consistent record of rapid arrests in these cases.

Somehow, they fail to solve crimes this fast in the movies, let alone in real life. Apparently, such rapid police work wouldn't make for a very convincing movie plot. But when it comes to terrorist attacks I guess "truth" is stranger than fiction.

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